Join the Manufacturing Conversation: revitalising and growing manufacturing

The virtual Manufacturing Indaba Conference will discuss key issues critical to supporting the development of manufacturers. The conversation will take place at the upcoming Manufacturing Indaba taking place on the 9 – 10 December 2020. The conference aims to focus on the growth prospective of the Department of Trade  Industry and Competition’s (the dtic’s) focused industry sectors as mentioned in the IPAP and explore challenges and solutions to lead progression in each sector.

The event, hosted virtually in 2020, given the impact of COVID-19 on the event industry, will provide information to support, revitalise and aid manufacturing growth.

Well-versed industry specialists will impart their knowledge on emerging opportunities and how to manage threats while proactively investigating strategies to fortify their competitive advantage and boost profits through the digitalisation of manufacturing operations. The conference is set to explore growth opportunities, the latest manufacturing incentives and trends as well as to network and collaborate with relevant contacts vested in the sector.

The key issues to be discussed include:

  • African Leadership Panel Discussion: Vision to Action:   Manufacturing as a Powerhouse of Emerging Countries & Economies
  • Lessons Learned on the Journey to Manufacturing Excellence and how to have a sustainable and profitable manufacturing business in the era of COVID-19
  • The Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement and what does this mean for African Manufacturers – How does this influence trade agreements, customs tariffs, exports, tax, etc. to create an African Marketplace
  • Leveraging Special Economic Zones for African Industrialisation and Integration
  • Industrial Parks – Is this a model for sustainable and economically sound industrial development
  • What impact does financial investment have on manufacturing?  The role of incentives and other financial mechanisms to assist manufacturers.
  • A new approach to Manufacturing Innovation: Robotics and the future of African Manufacturing Leveraging smart manufacturing for digital transformation.  A new relationship between man and machine – Implementation of new augmented intelligence technologies in manufacturing and how does this assist manufacturing in a COVID-19 era?
  • Creating Supplier Development Programmes to grow local manufacturing capabilities and capacity development – The role of Black Industrialists, growing corporate supply chains, skills development, etc.


This virtual event is being hosted to empower members of Sub-Saharan Africa’s promising manufacturing community to identify global trends; keep abreast with global competition; embrace digital transformation; cultivate a skilled workforce; enable black industrialist collaboration and acquire insight into what incentives are available to better empower their businesses. These discussions will pave the way for a more equitable, competitive and successful manufacturing industry and economy as a whole.

The Conference programme offers a stage for dynamic discussion and debate on the shifting complexity of the manufacturing landscape which deems acquiring constant access to emergent markets essential.

Managing these changes requires a thorough understanding of future trends that will have a significant impact on manufacturers. Such discussions will cover a new approach to manufacturing innovation with regards to robotics and the future of African manufacturing; the future of trade – a perspective on the decade ahead, growing an African marketplace along with expanding exports.

Furthermore, forums led by industry experts will unpack prevalent growth opportunities within the agro-processing environment as well as the impact that financial investment has on the manufacturing realm.




Supporting the Conference, the Manufacturing Indaba will host a virtual exhibition from the 18th November 2020 – 18th December 2020.   The exhibition, live for a full month, provides ample opportunity to conduct business matchmaking and do manufacturing business.   

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