Helping SA’s Hope Project 2024

January 12, 2024

Because their parents are in such financial straits, hundreds of children are showing up to school weary, undernourished, and in horrible clothing. Starving students snatching food from their peers while wearing threadbare clothing and worn-out shoes may sound like a scenario from a horror movie, but this is a fact and is still a sad reality in the twenty-first century. There is a rise in the number of students who arrive at school without eating breakfast or the night before.

Some youngsters are so hungry that they have to take food from other individuals. Some children even steal more food and store it for their siblings at home.

None of this is the fault of the parents because they lack parenting skills or are bad planners since they have no budget to fall back on in the first place and receive so little that it is a daily battle for them to maintain a roof over their children’s heads as living expenses rise and jobs are often lost.

Even though these kids already endure a lot, they are ridiculed and taunted at school for wearing the wrong uniform and without the appropriate necessities. Please assist us in changing the course of a child’s school year. The families and children we help are spread across South Africa.

We provide them lunch if they don’t have one or have a small one, but we have no idea what they will eat for dinner. What occurs over the holidays, then? For this reason, Helping SA will provide these kids and their families with food parcels, furniture, clothes, and whatever else they may require. We will also help find the parents jobs.

We provide weekly or monthly food parcels to families with children because it is difficult for kids to stay optimistic about the future when they don’t even know when and where they will get their next meal. The cost of each family’s food parcel, which consists only of the bare essentials is approximately R2200 per month, that is why we rely on the public for donations so that we can be able to do this.

We need to re-engage the children’s passion for learning, but that will not happen if they show up to class with empty stomachs, no stationary, a shopping bag used as their schoolbag, and mismatched and torn clothing.
The younger the heart the bigger the hope and unfortunately the promise of dreams and a better future crumble right in front of their eyes, with each passing day of having to go to bed with an empty tummy.

We have found a high rise of child-run homes where the oldest sibling is trying to provide for all their younger siblings as there is no parents in the picture, some children had to flunk out of grade 10 and 12 to try and find employment to provide for the young in the house hold, many were excellent students with a great future ahead of them, career wise and all that is lost in so many households.


The fundraising will be done by asking for a R100 donation, in return, you will receive a Hope Ribbon and an invoice to claim back from tax.

Please help us to make this a memorable year for all. If you are doing a donation through the bank please reply to this email with your details and postal address to ensure you receive your Invoice and ribbon. Donations received towards our Hope project will be used to provide food, school clothes, shoes, and stationery This project will assist families with children, children safety houses, and orphanages.

Because we procure in bulk, we are able to assist more with less;

  • R 100 –    2 Children have food for 2 days
  • R 500 –    2 Children have food for 10 days
  • R 1000 – 2 Children have food for 20 days
  • R5000 –   2 Children have food for 3 months
  • R10’000 – 2 Children have food for 6 Months (186 days)

If they feel they can’t take another round of being broken…We are there!

when they are losing faith and every door around them keeps on closing…We are there!

Please visit our site to view our NPO and Section 18A certificates. While you are visiting, please enjoy our pictures and videos.

(To obtain copies of our certifications, proof of registration, accounting letters, etc., you can also email the admin department or reply to this email.)

You can give hope where there is none!!

We understand we are currently facing tumultuous times, and therefore we know how difficult it is for so many people. We especially feel the impact of it greatly and ask that if you are by any means in a position to assist this project, no matter how small you may think it is, to us it’s huge.
Every R1 counts. Not only does it help to reach our goal, but it inspires knowing that we have supporters in this!
Please help us reach our goal for these scared souls; it would greatly go a long way!

Please note new account details below – bank confirmation letter is available.

ACC NR; 63076100634
BRANCH:  250 655

Please use your name or the name of your company as a reference.
Thank you in advance.