Future SA is an annual nationwide publication strategically crafted to cultivate and empower both current and aspiring leaders. Acknowledging that learning is a continual journey, with education and skills development serving as the vehicles to unlock professional growth, the publication is tailored for individuals committed to success and eager to make meaningful contributions to society, regardless of age.

The core focus of Future SA encompasses five pivotal areas:

Early Childhood Development (ECD): Recognizing the critical role of ECD in laying the foundation for a successful educational journey in the future.

Basic Education: Serving as a fundamental building block, empowering learners for future higher education and employment opportunities.

Higher Education: Functioning as a gateway to unlocking employment prospects and cultivating specialists and experts poised to make a positive impact on society.

Skills Development & Training: Nurturing continuous growth of skilled professionals, responding to the evolving demands of the workplace and the world at large.

Online Education: In a tech-savvy world, Future SA recognizes the significance of online education in expanding access to educational and skills development opportunities.

Frequency – Annual

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