Rove SA, a distinguished South African travel and lifestyle magazine, captures the attention of both local and international readers. Working closely with key players in the travel and tourism industry, Rove SA not only serves as an invaluable travel guide for promoting South Africa as a preferred destination but also caters to a global audience. 

The magazine’s diverse features include outdoor and indoor adventures, thrill-seeking activities, leisure, lifestyle, and comprehensive reviews on accommodation, dining, and wine. Designed to accommodate every budget, age group, and activity level, Rove SA ensures broad appeal to its readership, both locally and internationally.

Through our trusted recommendations, Rove SA inspires readers to explore and revel in the rich and occasionally rugged beauty of South Africa. Embracing the philosophy of “Local is lekker,” the publication actively encourages readers, regardless of their location, to support and champion local businesses. This commitment not only fosters a sense of community but also showcases the distinctive offerings of South Africa to a global audience.

Print frequency:
Autumn – March to May
Winter – June to August
 – September – November
Summer – December to February

Get your copy at:

Woolworths, Spar, Exclusive Books, Independant Contractors / Forecourts / Book Retailers and selected Fuel Stations nationwide