In the concrete pipe and manhole cover market the emphasis is typically on high volumes, thus the time to design and build moulds for non-standard products disrupts the production line. Manufacturing once-off products is time consuming, will require additional skills and supervision and is usually not profitable for the manufacturing company.


Twinstar Precast was established in 2014 after identifying the gap in the market for precast custom products and once-off items. Working with concrete requires specialised knowledge and skills. Not all contractors have the necessary manpower and facilities to manufacture these products on site. Twinstar Precast aims to address precast problems in the civil construction environment in an affordable and timely manner, manufacturing any precast concrete product to the customer’s requirements and design. Twinstar Precast typically manufacture precast concrete products which are not already available on the market, as well as once-off items ranging in weight from 20kg to 6 tons. The company manufactures most of its own moulds and offers a mould manufacturing service in steel, fibreglass or polyurethane, depending on the weight and design of the concrete product. Twinstar Precast are solutions driven and with 26 years’ experience in concrete and the precast industry, understand that every site and project have unique challenges and requirements. The company can assist with non-standard products to complete the contract, no matter the size, quantity or complexity


Some of the non-standard products Twinstar Precast manufacture include square manhole covers, junction box slabs, stormwater grid inlets and stormwater manhole slabs. The company also manufactures custom markers to customer specification using a concrete imprint or engraved stainless steel plates.


Polymer products a solution to theft
The theft of steel and cast-iron components continues to rise. As a result, Twinstar Precast recently began to manufacture polymer products which contain no metal components. By replacing metal manhole covers with polymer manhole covers and frames, as well as stormwater gratings, theft and the safety risks associated with open manholes, as well as the cost implications of replacing manhole covers, is significantly reduced. Twinstar Precast offers both medium and heavyduty polymer products in line with the SANS 1882:2003 specification. These components can be bought as loose items or cast using the required precast concrete slabs. These can be manufactured with specific imprints and colouring for easy identification of services and the service provider.


Twinstar Precast

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