Two years ago, we recognised that to keep pace with the fast-changing face of the retail business, Powafix had to become more than a product. By identifying and prioritising the needs of customers we could then work towards being the best at delivering on these needs, both now and into the future.


Writing the “more than just a product” call to action was the easy part. Changing our mindset and culture at Powafix was to be more challenging, and without this crucial element these words would remain just words on the page. We started this process y asking two questions. Firstly, what are we\ known for? Secondly, what do we want to be known for? Delivering the message in his context instantly cut through the perceptions of what this call to action was really about.

We asked our people to imagine a group of people living the “more than a product” culture and building a national brand that values and respects all people, customers, colleagues, suppliers and all other stakeholders in our business. We all agreed that being the best at building an exceptional brand of service, value and quality, was what was needed.

We recognised and applied the following three philosophies:
1. We had to recognise that “good enough” was no longer an option and that our benchmark had to be 100% all the time. The message to everyone is that retailers rely on us to fulfil the expectation of cosumers and that empty shelves and promises must play no part in us being the best.
2. We improved our line of sight on just how a consumer buys our product. The reality was that often consumers sacrificed bying other essentials to repair some part of their house, and that was sobering reality. We choose to hold a deep respect for very purchase of a Powafix product because this is how we complete the value circle.
3. Total quality in everything starts with owning and learning from your mistakes. It means aligning yourself with suppliers that now and understand how important quality is. It is being comfortable with the resilience to understand that everything you go through helps you grow. Paying attention to the lessons learned is crucial.

In the past 12 months, Powafix has successfully developed and launched nine new products. All nine originated from conversations with customers, so we were sure we knew exactly how to design the product around functional simplicity. We are passionate about saving customers time and money and this can be seen in the evolution of our packaging for existing lines.
As a collective we are committed to living our values of cooperation and adaptability within our customer relationships. This is our future.



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