R2bn smart precinct in Pretoria:

A new 8 500m² commercial building in the Irene Link precinct in Pretoria, will be ready for occupation in October 2020. It is styled by the developers to be an interconnected development with easy accessibility and a premium lifestyle feel.

Breaking new ground here is Abland, a South African property developer for over 30 years. The REIT has teamed up with partners on the Irene Link development, Giflo and SOM. The second phase of the second phase of the commercial development at the Irene Link precincti n Pretoria, begun in October 2019. The commercial component of the 75 000m² precinct, which already includes the Barloworld Logistics Head Office, will range from flexi suites which are single 20m² semi serviced offices, to 50 000m² campus-style offices, By using a youthful colloquialism, “I see you”, the exhibition offers a reminder of the young age of our democracy. the exhibition offers a reminder of the young age of our democracy.

When selecting the works, I See U’s curator, Olga Speakes — a lecturer at the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town and an independent curator — was guided by the insight that, while much has been achieved over 25 years of democracy, much more needs to be done. The artists which she and co-curator Gaisang Sathekge selected, each honour the struggles of the past and take stock of our tumultuous present, while inviting the viewers to imagine a more equal, prosperous and just South African future. The exhibition at the Spier Old Wine Cellar, continues to the end of November. depending on tenant requirements. Irene Link will include a 12000m² convenience shopping centre which is set for development during the fourth quarter of 2019 and is scheduled to open to the public towards the end of 2020. ‘Irene Link will offer a broad spectrum of mixeduse elements such as office space, medical services, restaurants, a national grocer, a preschool, a hotel, a business centre with conference facilities, beauty an health facilities, and green area.

Through the school window:


It made sense to invest in long lasting, low maintenance, high insulation windows that improve energy efficiency at the school and save opex. DSJ was aware that uPVC is the standard window framing material in Europe for exactly these reasons. The supplier, Teva, was recommended after positive case histories from the German School in Pretoria and at the French Lycee Jules Verne, helped to persuade the DSJ team that the company could meet their high standards of excellence within the requirements of the school renovation.

The 150-year-old building had no original building plans. Plumbing and electrics were often discovered in unexpected areas, the structural integrity was a concern and many areas were difficult to access. The Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg ‘This was one of our most difficult projects and one of my favourites. We worked well with the school to meet the many challenges and we’re proud of the result,’ says Teva’s Jaco Malherbe, who personally managed the project. It was imperative that learning was not disturbed by the work. Every old window that was broken out needed to be replaced by its new counterpart before the next school day. The installers set up a dedicated installation team that worked from 2 to 10pm and some weekends, also working public holidays and during the July and December school breaks. Consequently, the school classrooms have been warmer this winter and will be cooler in summer, thanks
to the high insulation value of uPVC

Well-crafted tiling for retirees:

Retirement trends in South Africa have changed dramatically in recent years as people retire later,yet move into secure retirement estates earlier.

Consequently there’s been a boom in thedevelopment and expansion of retirement andlifestyle villages nationally, offering facilities that
cater for customers from a wider age group and witha broader range of interests. This trend mean that thedesign of units within retirement estates needs to takean ageing population into consideration and providefeatures such as bathrooms with grab rails, single storey units and fewer stairs, as well as well-crafted tiling and careful installation, to avoid any risk of tripping and subsequent injury.
The Celebration Retirement Village project specified a total of 70 000m2 of tiling for both low and highdensity units, the indoor pool and external feature walls. With a proven track record of manufacturing and supplying quality construction materials for over 40 years, TAL was chosen to supply tiling installation materials for the recently constructed Celebration Retirement Estate in Gauteng..

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