As a parent, there’s nothing you want more than to protect your child. There are the common cuts and scrapes of childhood that heal quickly and are forgotten just as fast. But more serious illnesses and injuries can have a bigger impact on a family, emotionally and financially. The Sanlam Child Illness & Injury Benefit is the most comprehensive benefit of its kind in the market, covering many events that have never been addressed before.

Dr Marion Morkel, Chief Medical Officer at Sanlam, says the benefit helps cover you when curveballs cause shortfalls. Cover can start at a minimum age of two and maximum age of 18.  It continues until the policy anniversary before or on the child’s 20th birthday. The benefit covers 81 claim events, with all cancers within the body counted as one claim event.

Additionally, the ‘catch-all’ claim event provides cover for unlisted diseases or injuries that are severe enough to warrant a payment. And the ICU claim event pays out should your child require ICU admittance for 48 hours or more. Netcare gives an estimated daily average of R20 796 for specialised intensive care, which excludes treatment and medical care. So, the benefit could be a big financial help.

Some examples of what’s covered (many events are unique to Sanlam’s benefit):

  • Diseases like cancer, organ failure, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy and anorexia
  • Injuries or accidents like head injuries, rib fractures, dog bites and near-drowning events
  • Impairments like loss of sight, hearing, speech or the use of limbs
  • Infections like rabies, cerebral malaria, tetanus and meningitis


It’s far rarer for children to experience severe illnesses than adults. It’s awful to think about. But, it’s important to have protection in place, as cancer in children, for example, is a lot more expensive to treat. Dr Morkel says, “We do receive claims for cancers – particularly blood cancers, kidney and liver cancers. In a child, there’s usually a need for more prolonged treatment. Cancer is treated in a more serious light, with the short- and long-term effects considered. And a patient needs to be monitored for longer, even after remission. This usually makes treatment for children much costlier.” The Illness & Injury Benefit covers all cancers in the body from stage one on, as ASISA prescribes.

Dr Morkel concludes, “Sanlam’s Illness & Injury benefit is one of the best and most industry-respected products in its category. It’s not meant to replace medical aid or gap cover but to complement these, as part of your financial plan.”

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