At Waterways Bathroom and Plumbing, our mission is to give companies large and small and private individuals, the very best advice, care and level of service. We believe that working hard together we can bring you an unparalleled level of quality service and satisfaction. We believe it is vital that people work together to solve problems and achieve common goals. It is perhaps for this reason that we believe that a business relationship with Waterways Bathroom and Plumbing can make all the difference!

Our main aim is to provide all our valued customers, whether in trade or in retail, with a selection of exceptional quality products at competitive prices. Our guarantee to all our Clients is that we provide immeasurable support, and we extend our advice, which is priceless.

Take a walk through our Craighall and Northriding stores to see our large range of exciting local and International products. Click on the link below to see our instore special at a store near you.

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