Johannesburg, 30 October 2018 – South Africa is increasingly becoming known as a viable economy to invest in and this is largely due to the success of entrepreneurial ventures. Entrepreneurship is not only about building and running your own business, but it’s also about offering a solution to a problem as well as having the passion and perseverance to see it through. 

Kurlz & Kutz salon in Rosebank introduces a specialised kids salon. Founded by three female entrepreneurs, sisters Hope Lukoto and Tshilidzi Makhari as well as Kelebogile Mashigo, Kurlz & Kutz is a haircare salon for all types of hair. The salon is specifically designed to take the guesswork out of which haircare products work for its consumer.

Hope, a mother of two and a trained clinical psychologist, Coach and an HR professional, who is originally from Venda and holds a Masters in Psychology from the University of Pretoria had this to say: “I have a little girl and her grooming needs have been my inspiration for the business. I enjoy imparting good grooming skills to both my kids, teaching them to love themselves, to love taking care of themselves and appreciate who they are.”

The three ladies identified a gap in the market for children’s haircare services from the perspective of the appropriate environment as well as haircare products.

Tshilidzi, a married mother of two daughters from Soweto, who is currently an investment professional with a chemical engineering background from Wits University, explains: “The salon was born out of the countless frustrations my older daughter and I experienced each time I took her to a salon.  The issues we faced ranged from the hostile environment as we entered the salon imposed by the sound of blow driers, big overwhelming chairs, adults milling around, etc. to dealing with stylists asking me if they can use some relaxer products to soften her hair to make it more manageable.”

That inspired her. “Eventually my sister and I decided to address these frustrations and based on my engineering background, we developed a children’s haircare range and opened a salon which provides a nurturing and calming environment for children, hair techniques that ensure no pain and no tears and promote healthy hair growth.

“We seek to change the narrative that ‘you suffer for your own beauty’ and ‘natural hair is difficult’.  We also empower parents with the knowledge on how to take care of their children’s hair at home.”

Kelebogile, a marketing brand manager with an MBA in International Luxury Brand Management which she studied for in France, says: “The hair salon was born out of a need and passion amongst the three of us.  My partners both have young children and they were constantly frustrated about the lack of excellent service and care for children’s hair. I’ve always had a deep interest in haircare since my first job at Unilever, working for the Sunsilk brand, and that interest steadily developed into a passion for ingredients, products and general care for hair.

“Out of this wonderful mix our new hair franchise was born.  We have also recently created a haircare range that caters for all hair types as well, which is available exclusively at our salon for now. Our aim is to really create a wonderfully nurturing environment for all children and their parents, and to change our world one head at a time.”

Kurlz & Kutz’s objective is to solve a problem for many parents.  “I was tired of feeling like visiting a hair salon wastes mine and my child’s time because it is so mindless and there isn’t much to do while waiting to get the hair done,” Hope explains. Their unique selling point includes having a salon that has plenty for kids to do while parents can keep themselves engaged with their free Wi-Fi and work station or they can get their hair or nails done.

The salon has been nominated for the 6th Annual African Hair Awards in the Kiddies Hair Salon of the Year category. The award ceremony will be in Durban in December 2018.

Dynamic movers and shakers such as these women rely on the support of its consumers. Why not support young, black female entrepreneurs who are working hard to provide proudly South African products?

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