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CNG Holdings and the Virtual Gas Network

Virtual Gas Network is a division of CNG Holdings, VIRTUAL GAS NETWORK supplies compressed natural gas through its virtual gas distribution network. This is a reliable commercial-scale supply of natural gas in South Africa, the network is available to businesses...

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Kaytech Provides Reinforcement for CRB Wall

During bulk earthworks and construction of the Amberfield Switching Station in Centurion, Gauteng, Kaytech‘s reinforcement and drainage products were specified for the construction of a CRB (Concrete Retaining Block) wall. A switching station is a substation without...

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Virtual Gas Network-Natural Gas on the move

With the growing interest in sustainable, low-carbon energy and low-price fuels, Natural Gas is increasingly becoming the energy source of choice. Natural Gas is a fossil fuel that exists in a gaseous state and is composed mainly of methane (CH4) a small percentage of...

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Public Transport: Buses running on CNG

An increasing number of South Africans rely on public transport services to get around, from the everyday commute to their employment places to the social visits to the shopping centre, public transport plays a role. A fully functional transport system is what South...

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Waterways Special Offers

At Waterways Bathroom and Plumbing, our mission is to give companies large and small and private individuals, the very best advice, care and level of service. We believe that working hard together we can bring you an unparalleled level of quality service and...

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