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Storing an LPGas Cylinder-SAFELY

There are specific guidelines that should always be followed when storing LPGas Cylinders, these guidelines help to prevent unnecessary accidents that could cause serious damage. The storage area should be carefully selected and monitored. The LPGas Cylinder should be...

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New pentagonal IntercityHotel building in Hanover

Savings of around 15,000 kN: Hollow core ceiling system lowers building weight and reduces costs for drilled pile foundations 5,476 modules provide a total concrete saving of 403 m³ and a CO2 reduction of approx. 85 t By 2020, the new 55 m high IntercityHotel Hannover...

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The Programme in Project Management of UP

Prof Herman Steyn is known for advising people that, if they can find a better course to develop project management skills than the PPM (Programme in Project Management) of the University of Pretoria, they should enrol on it. The PPM was established in 1997 and is...

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