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Goodbye Malaria

Goodbye Malaria is a social benefit organization that was started by African entrepreneurs who saw the devastation of the disease across the continent and just had to do something about it. They collaborate with world-class partners, including private organisations,...

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Get it? A = Apple B = Beetroot C = Carrot ABC Juice is not a new concept amongst juicers all around the world. It has been known for being a beneficial juice blend for quite some time. As leaders in the vegetable juice market, Rugani Juice decided to launch their very...

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Keeping children safe from burns this winter

Winter is the time when children are most at risk to burns. Again, now, during Lockdown, families are mostly at home and parents, grandparents and adults in the family will need to take special care of the children to prevent burns and other injuries. There is a lot...

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Old Mutual: The Sandwich Generation

How to cope with the financial implications of raising your children while caring for your elderly parents   Are you part of the “Sandwich Generation”? And by “sandwich” we’re not referring to the moms and the dads preparing lunch boxes for their kids. The Sandwich...

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Balancing and stretching the family budget

  There’s no doubt that we’re going through tough economic times as a country at the moment. One thing to take comfort in is that we’re all going through the same as a collective rather than as individuals.   The family budget will probably be the hardest hit during...

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Is Your Immune System Ready to Fight COVID-19?

The answer is in your genes COVID-19 has caught everyone by surprise. There is no vaccine or defence, other than the one offered by nature - your immune system. At a time when the world is worried about their health, knowing how your immune system works at a genetic...

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