Hair products are often filled with toxic chemicals that give your hair initial and short-term gratification, but overall, these ingredients can be extremely harmful to your hair.

That is why I encourage you to break up with these toxic chemicals in your hair products and learn to love your hair naturally.

Chemicals found in Hair Products that can be harmful to your locks:

Sodium Laurel Sulphate. A foaming agent commonly found in shampoos. A key ingredient in industrial strength cleansing agents if it can clean a garage floor. This fun, bubbly ingredient is one of the top chemicals to avoid in hair products. It is extremely drying to your hair as it strips away your hair’s natural oils.

Commonly found in hair gels and hair sprays. Developed to dissolve oils.

Polyethylene Glycol.
Commonly used to deep clean oil and grease. Dissolves oils? Sounds great for greasy hair, right? This chemical causes the breakdown of your hair strands causing them to be weak and brittle, as they are such harsh cleaning agents. Natural oils are especially important to the overall health and strength of your hair. and by using such a harsh deep cleaner, it can be one of the biggest dangers to your hair health.

Coal Tar
Coal tar-derived dyes are used to give artificial colour to cosmetics, including hair dyes, most often found in home colour kits. These petroleum-derived colours can contain a variety of other chemicals and metals, which have been linked to various serious health issues and absolutely very harsh on your delicate hair.
Not even to mention to remove home colour can be very damaging when you do opt to change colour.

Mineral Oil
Mineral oil is a cost-efficient, moisturizing oil that is used in many different cosmetic formulations. Mineral oil can restore shine, reduce tangles, and prevent split ends, it cannot penetrate the hair fibre and therefore will not be effective at treating existing damage. If you are looking for an oil that will be more effective at preventing the loss of essential hair proteins, then I suggest products that contain Argan Oil, as plant oils offer far more additional benefits than mineral oil.

Parabens are preservatives used to prevent the growth of bacteria in your cosmetic formulations. A study was done on parabens in the tumours of cancer patients; however, researchers were unable to confirm why or how this happened. Despite there being no further research that proves parabens in cosmetics directly cause cancer, we still cannot conclusively make the statement that they do not. But if you would rather be safe than sorry, then look for hair products that are paraben-free.

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