The Rehau uPVC range of window/door systems now includes a newly developed profile system called AfriSlim, that is engineered for the African continent.  This profile system has just been launched in South Africa, Kenya and Ghana.  Rehau’s fenestration range offer UV stability, lower thermal calculations, sound attenuation and security benefits.

“REHAU AfriSlim 36mm profiles are made from a high performance formula RAU-PVC 1476 to suit the most trying climate conditions, such as extreme temperatures or salt-laden, sea air. This means they are durable, UV stable and will keep their looks for many years,” states Mark Stoltz, Sales Director for Southern Africa.

The AfriSlim windows can be fitted with 4mm single glazing up to 18mm double-glazed SIG units. Double glazed windows greatly enhance the energy efficiency of uPVC windows.

A coupler is available to couple AfriSlim windows together for large spans of windows in dormitories or factory/warehouse applications using specially designed couplers with and without steel.  The AfriSlim 36mm system can also be coupled to the Ecotec 60mm system for coupling to Ecotec doors and sliding doors.

AfriSlim furthermore boasts two reinforcing options: A composite reinforcing for smaller windows (up to 800mm x 800mm with single glazing) or steel reinforcing for larger windows to increase the I Values of the windows.  The advantage for the fabricator is that the composite and steel reinforcing have the same shape for both the Frame and Sash profiles (opening profiles).  Less profiles to carry in stock = lower costs.

Mark Stoltz urges clients to ensure that they are dealing with a reputable company when deciding on the supplier of window systems.  “Don’t look at product price and availability only, but also make certain that you are dealing with a reputable company that believes in quality and sustainability.”

Rehau can be contacted on Tel 041 978 7160, Cell 082 809 7206 or for information.



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