Perhaps it is just as well that the inaugural Security Drone Conference is coming at a time when South Africa is recovering from one of the most trying public disturbance situations in the year. Billions of rands’ worth of property was either destroyed or looted as violence engulfed the nation and overwhelmed security forces.

Not that the drones would have directly had a hand in quelling the volatile situation once the fires started and the looting took hold. Not the drones alone at least. According to a local security drone technology expert, for the drones to work well in crowd control situations, there needs to be prior experience working in the area for drone teams; and prior coordination for all security personnel working in the area so communications will be flawless.

In that vein, there needs to be serious discussions integrating drone technology in the security industry as soon as the laws can allow it. Organisations like the Johannesburg Forum for Integrated Risk Management (FIRM), Drone Guards and Fidelity have already proved that drone technology can work perfectly in the security industry if applied in the right circumstances.

As a security implement, unmanned aerial vehicles can be applied for search and rescue missions, perimeter security; aerial surveillance, border control, among many other use cases. In police circles, drones have also been used for the already mentioned applications, in addition to crowd control; and as the technology has evolved and revolved, drones are now even being used to secure people’s homes.

But there still a lot of teething issues to consider before drone technology can be fully integrated in the security industry; issues like safety, privacy; unmanned traffic management in busy airspaces; coordination with other stakeholders like aviation authorities; and national, regional and municipal policing authorities.

The Security Drone Conference – to be held on the 2nd and 3rd of December, 2021 at the Emperors Palace Convention Centre in Johannesburg – intends to discuss all these issues and more; including software accessories that will help the security drones to work well in their various applications. There has never been a drone event dedicated to security drones alone, which gives this first ever security drone conference particular importance in the search for modern, drone-based solution to ensuring the safety and security of people and property in Southern Africa.

All security stakeholders are welcome to attend.




This article was published in partnership with Media Xpose.

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