MakwaIT, a 100% youth and black-owned company has been awarded the ISO9001 certification. ISO 9001 certification gives the nine year old ICT company a competitive advantage considering its size, and demonstrate excellence and increase in customer trust with regards to Makwa providing high-quality products and services to its consumers.

CEO and Founder of MakwaIT, Lethabo Mokone, firmly states that “by gaining this globally accepted standard provides MakwaIT with International recognition, which is recognised in approximately 188 countries, allowing them access to international trade. With this, the company can now  ensure that the business decisions made will have long-term benefits. Not only will MakwaIT continue to build improved supplier relationships but also gain credibility for the business, giving suppliers greater confidence in what MakwaIT does for them”.

With this certification, MakwaIT demonstrates the company’s growth in efficiency, a  reduction in errors, and an increased standard of service delivery. In addition, MakwaIT customers can be assured that they will always get the products or services they want with the level of quality they have become accustomed to.

From here onwards, the ICT sector, current and new clients can expect improved service quality and improved delivery times. “We will identify and resolve issues more quickly, ahead of our customer’s knowledge, in so doing, ensuring a better customer experience”, affirms Mokone.

Operationally, this CISCO Gold Member is enjoying improved efficiency that is boosting employee job satisfaction, making it possible for the organisation to not only focus on the business aspect alone but on the people who help make the company what it is. “Increased efficiency is aiding in the implementation of quality-oriented processes and procedures. By ensuring that all employees are working toward the same goal, the company can reduce errors and increase productivity”, concludes Mokone.

This article was published in partnership with Media Xpose.

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