Many children long for a caring touch in their daily life and its absence can cause loneliness, insecurity, and stress. A simple hug is of great importance to their mental and physical wellbeing, yet thousands of emotionally and physically hurt children do not get one. That is why at Girls and Boys Town South Africa (GBTSA) we are asking you to share the value of your hug with us so that we can continue hugging our children too.

When you wrap your arms around a child, you are doing much more than you realise. A hug is so much bigger than just fleeting physical contact. Hugs improve trust, reduce fear and strengthen relationships.

Our Hug Worth Campaign aims to remind you that not everyone gets a hug and to spare a thought for our children who long for one. We are asking you to donate the worth of your hug so that our caring professionals can keep hugging the thousands of heartbroken – and often body-broken – children we help to heal.

Physical and emotional abuse affects many children and for thousands of them, it is hidden away for days and months. Without protection and support, many youths end up make survival choices no child should ever have to – choices that bury too many young lives forever.

These are our children because every South African child is the child of our country and therefore all of us. At GBTSA we have 10 family homes, 60 therapeutic professionals and a staff of 150 dedicated people working to restore the resolve, love and light to the neglected and overwhelmed youth placed in our care by the Children’s Court or community organisations. We are asking you to help us keep caring.

According to scientists, the benefits of hugging go beyond that warm feeling you get when you hold someone in your arms. A hug has amazing powers; it is celebratory, reassuring, comforting, and calming.

Donate the worth of your hug to the children of GBTSA by visiting Help us help them feel safe, loved and connected.

Girls and Boys Town SA is a registered NPO, a registered child and youth care service provider, and an accredited child healthcare provider. The organisation achieves a letter of good standing and audit compliance annually.

The work at Girls and Boys Town is almost entirely funded by private donors. Here’s our report that reflects how your contribution is being used to heal the broken hearts and lives of the young girls and boys Girls and Boys Town cares for.





This article was published in partnership with Media Xpose.

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