Zinplex has been providing quality zinc products for the last 23 years. We have been trusted by South African’s for over a generation as the immune system and skin health guardians of the entire family.  Our Zinplex Junior range consists of our immune boosters, cough syrup and baby skincare products. Our products are NAPPI coded and trusted by doctors and health care providers.

 Our range consists of combining zinc with other minerals and vitamins to maximize the benefits of this amazing supplement in all aspects of life. Our original Zinplex Junior is a combination of zinc, selenium, and vitamin C. This combination provides excellent support for the immune system, skin health, appetite, and cognitive development from as early as three months old. Our syrups are parabens and tartrazine-free as we provide a product that will give parents peace of mind when safeguarding the immune system of the little ones.

Our new Zinplex Junior syrup contains zinc, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin D3. This is a powerhouse for the immune system and it will provide extra support for those little ones even more susceptible to viral infections and/or upper respiratory infections while providing support for growing bones and teeth. It is a berry flavour but with no added colourants, like the rest of the syrups in our line. This is a great option for those who are looking for a different flavour and a little extra protection.

Our baby skin-care products consist of a zinc and calendula glycerine soap, perfect for babies with sensitive skin and a calming bath experience.  We also have a baby bum spray and a bum cream.  Our bum spray is designed for convenience and hygiene. It is a great product for when you are on the go, it has wound healing properties, containing zinc and other natural ingredients to battle stubborn rashes, moisturise, protect and heal the skin. The bum cream is a rich zinc cream designed to protect the baby’s bottom as well as soothe any rashes and/or irritations on the baby’s skin.

Our cough syrup is a combination of zinc, selenium, ivy leaf extract and honey. It is an expectorant designed for wet or dry coughs, it will provide relief for those stubborn coughs and mucus in the airwaves. It is recommended from two years old.

These are a great combination of products from a trusted brand.

Zinplex – a healthier way of life!


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