SME Warrior was born out of  client problems we encountered during servicing our  small business clients in Nemesis Accounting.  Over the years it became more apparent that business failure and instability was not merely due to lack of money/funding but more to do with the actual business owner and their lack of skills, financial literacy, money management, planning and execution and a strong values/belief system.

Our philosophy is based on neuroscience.  Being a Master NLP Practitioner (neuro linguistic programming), it dawned on me that the mind-body connection was not the only connection that mattered.  The connection between the brain and emotion was the missing component.  Looking at the four components enabled me to get to the root cause of the weakness in the SME sector

The vision was to enable every business owner / entrepreneur who walked through our door, to be awakened, hence “ awaken the warrior within” became our slogan – because that’s exactly what we do !!!!

We launched three (3) houses in our business under the “ Game Changing Academy” : House of Business, Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship, House of Legal and House of People Performance and Development.  Our website : has more information.

This Academy will bridge the skills, knowledge and experience gap that is needed by so many businesses.  Through the Academy we teach, mentor and develop people potential, latent and existing using neuro-educational techniques and methodologies.  These can then be implemented by the business owner in his/her everyday life and he/she can continue to experience life-changing results that truly matter. We encapsulate “Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs” into the business training and people development.  We also own a financial franchise : Smart Money,  an online learning platform that teaches financial literacy from basic level to investment and retirement level. We have incorporated the “sound money” aka crypto space into our methodologies.

I’m blessed to come from the accounting, tax and compliance industry because coupled with NLP, I am able to dig really deep when analysing and problem solving with clients.   Deep introspection enables me to gain an in depth insight into the clients thinking, actions and root causes of their stagnation.  Once we achieve the break-through, the client is amazed and ready to take the necessary action required to succeed on their chosen path.

Another harsh blow for small businesses is the lack of business legal skills and know-how. Through our House of Legal, we are able to close the gap with simplistic teaching, workshops and services.

SME warrior is on a serious path of business change dynamics, financial and educational.  Being in 4IR, crypto currencies, new age everything, we need to bring business innovation to the masses in order to enable a new, sustainable economy to emerge, just like a phoenix from the ashes.  There is great power is the correct use and application of knowledge and skills.  The time is now and we are ready to do just that !!

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