Eustace Mashimbuye, the CEO of Proudly South Africa, was the guest speaker at the popular Entrepreneurs weekly workshop hosted virtually  every Friday between 11 and 12 by multi- award winning business women, Margaret Hirsch, Executive Director of the Hirsch’s group and Marlene Powell, one of the top 100 business coaches in the world with ActionCOACH.

Eustace  explained that in 1998, President Nelson Mandela started a campaign for fellow South Africans to “buy local.” The campaign started off extremely well when it was launched, but owing to various factors – including imports from China – support for the campaign dwindled over the years.  Eustace said that there is a new system in place that rewards businesses who support locally manufactured goods and services. “Invest in local, invest in those around you, it’s game time Msanzi!”  Eustace exclaimed. To find out more about the campaign, e.mail Eustace on

Well known Entrepreneur, professional speaker and executive business coach, Harry  Welby-Cooke joined the forum and explained that if we all buy local, and also make an effort to find employment for just one person in the  EveryONE EmployONE campaign we could all make a massive difference to the unemployment situation in South Africa, especially amongst the youth, where the unemployment rate in this sector stands at 62%.

Margaret pointed out that it might be risky bringing more people into one’s company at this time, but the most successful entrepreneurs in the world have taken risks to get to where they are today. 

Marlene said that business owners need to dig deep to help make a difference in the country, the economy and in people’s lives – and help their own businesses to grow at the same time.

Join Margaret and Marlene on Friday, April 9 when they will be joined by GUEST SPEAKER, Andre Kruse who is a Master Educator. Andre’s talk will be focused  on elevating people and/or companies from where they are now to where they  want to be.

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