JoJo has long had a reputation for quality, trust and credibility in the water tanks market.

For over 40 years we have taken South Africa on a journey to harvest water, store water and to listen to the water. Now we are stepping into your homes and showing you how to filter your water, straight from the tap.

No more worrying about water quality and impurities. No more adding to the scourge of plastic wastage. 

Health is wealth – we learned that in 2020. And if you can eliminate bacteria, viruses, parasites and trace pharmaceuticals – to name but a few from your water (which only the JoJo filtration range can do) then why not make your home fully JoJo?

We know we need to drink more water. But around the world, municipal tap water is impure. Sometimes it’s overloaded with chlorine, sometimes there is not enough. It’s a tricky dance to get right. So are you drinking water or are you drinking healthy water?

“We have long spoken about water security and water as a resource,” says JoJo’s MD, Grant Neser. “That is why water harvesting and water storage is so important to us.  Now we need to talk about water filtration, and about trusting the quality of water we use on a daily basis. And with the JoJo filtration system, you can now truly trust your tap water.”

“Most water filters serve merely as verified sieves, reducing the amount of sediment and chlorine to make the water look and taste better,” says Sebasti Badenhorst, National Sales and Marketing Manager of JoJo. “But they leave behind the microscopic harmful residue of bacteria, viruses, parasites and trace chemicals.

“Our range has unique disruptor filter technology which uses a process of electro-adsorption, which creates an electrical field activated by water. The process attracts and removes more contaminants than any other filter on the market. It’s the same technology that NASA uses.”

JoJo’s filtration range eliminates the need to bring in bottled water or tanks into your home or office as it can now simply filter water straight from your tap. “It makes financial sense, eco sense and health sense to trust your tap water with JoJo. Take charge of the quality of water coming out your tap at work and home.”

The water filtration range includes:

  1. A whole-house filter – this unit is connected to your main water supply line to ensure that all water used throughout the home is clean and filtered.  It provides high volumes of filtered water, while taking up minimal space compared to other whole-house filters on the market. R5, 731.00 to R6, 112.00 (varies based on the cartridge combination)
  2. An undersink filter unit, which is an easy-to-install and out-of-sight compact solution R1,761.00
  3. A countertop filter with a simplistic modern design which could blend well into any kitchen R1,554.00
  4. An inline filter, which serves as a back-up solution when access to clean drinking water is limited R415.00
  5. A jug which filters water as you fill it up, specifically designed to fit inside your fridge door R415.00
  6. A lightweight filter bottle to ensure clean, safe and great-tasting water wherever you go, retailing at R208.00.


This range offers the most advanced filtration technology available on the local market. The long-lasting refill cartridges are easy to replace and ensure zero water wastage during the filtration process. 

Products are available via JoJo’s online store or at Build It, Builders Warehouse, Chamberlains, selected Co-Ops and independent retailers.


This article was published in partnership with Media Xpose.

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