High-capacity mixers for feed milling depend on drive technology that is sufficiently robust to provide reliable operation in demanding applications and challenging environments.

SEW-EURODRIVE upgrades and supplies reliable gear units and drives for this industry.

When specialist feed-milling original equipment manufacturer, Dalein Agriplan, was tasked with designing a one-of-a-kind high-speed, high-capacity mixer for a leading South African animal feed producer, it knew where to turn for an experienced partner to help it deliver a unique precision-engineered solution.

SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa was the obvious answer to its requirement for a custom-designed 6t twin-shaft paddle mixer and drive system to replace the single-shaft paddle mixer system used in the original installation.

Because the client’s requirement was for a 6 000-capacity mixer and Dalein Agriplan had not previously delivered an installation larger than 5 000, SEW-EURODRIVE and Dalein Agriplan collaborated to develop a bespoke solution – the prototype MPT6000H heavy duty twin-shaft paddle mixer.

Given that this was a prototype and they couldn’t rely on any previous data, the two companies worked hand-in-hand on the necessary calculations and specifications. The SEW-EURODRIVE team has many years of experience in applying a versatile and adaptable modular service concept to projects.

MAXOLUTIONÒ solution enables clients to achieve optimal implementation of their projects.

The aim was to design a mixer capable of producing the required level of torque, while running at optimum rotor speed for the effective product blending that was required by the client. Part of their challenge was to enable a 3-tonne batch of feed product to be mixed in 90 seconds, whereas this previously took around three minutes with the original single-shaft mixer.

To meet these requirements for increased speed and mixing efficiency while processing a larger quantity of animal feed, SEW-EURODRIVE supplied two industrial gearboxes with XT configurations.

The XT gearbox forms part of the robust industrial X-series gearbox manufactured by the company in Germany. It is a coaxial bevel-helical industrial gearbox, creating a unique gearing system with shaft positions that allow it to utilise a twin-shaft mixer instead of a single-shaft mixer.

For this project, the specific size of the gearboxes was calculated to deliver the required torque at the optimum speed. The two gearboxes are driven from a single motor using a dual-input coupling.

Following installation of the mixer at Dalein Agriplan’s client – animal feed supplier De Heus South Africa’s factory at Umlaas in KwaZulu-Natal – SEW-EURODRIVE inspected the on-site setup of the gearboxes on the mixer, while Dalein ensured successful startup and commissioning.

“Although the bespoke design and engineering requirements presented certain challenges, arguably the greater test was navigating the supply chain process between Germany and South Africa during the stricter levels of lockdown,” says Phillip Steyn, Sales Representative at SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa.

“But, with agriculture being an essential service and SEW-EURODRIVE being an accredited supplier of essential services, international shipments and local deliveries were completed on schedule.”

Although the XT gearbox is sourced from Germany, spare parts are stockpiled locally and available at short notice to South African clients, along with the necessary technical support.

The successful collaboration on the De Heus project continues a long history of co-operation between Dalein Agriplan and SEW-EURODRIVE. The former has been incorporating SEW products into its plants and projects for many years.

“Because of SEW’s long-standing reputation – plus its local and global footprint, technical assistance and stock availability – many agri-plant suppliers specify only SEW-EURODRIVE geared solutions  for their projects,” says Steyn.


This article was published in partnership with Media Xpose.

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