Giving birth and meeting your child for the first time is one of the most life changing and significant human experiences. Birth photography allows you to document one of the most extraordinary moments of your life. Much like your wedding day, a birth is a once in a lifetime moment. There are no second takes, no redoes. That first look, that first touch, that first hold. Those memories don’t have to fade.

Birth photography is in no way all about the crowning shot, some clients don’t even want those images at all. A good birth photographer is able to get creative with angles, crops and editing to protect your modesty. Birth photography is all about emotion. It’s about capturing your strength, your focus, your peace, your power, how your partner gazes at you with adoration and admiration, the look on your faces when you meet your baby and all those fresh newborn moments.

It can be used as an amazing visual, therapeutic healing and empowering tool after the birth too. For those mothers who experience or have experienced birth trauma, it can help to piece together those blurry fragments and tiny details you didn’t register in the moment. Birth photography provides evidence of your incredible strength. Looking back through your beautiful birth photos will get your oxytocin flowing and aid in supporting you in your transition to motherhood and bonding with your baby.

Birth photography can also help you rediscover a love for your body. Shifting your perspective to one of celebration and recognition at the miracle you have performed. Giving you a newfound appreciation of exactly what your amazing body is capable of.

When you have hired a professional birth photographer there is no pressure on anyone to remember to take photos and no worry that the moment will be missed. Your partner and your birth team are free to fully focus on being present, focused and supportive.

Your birth photographer is another person on your side, another person to advocate for you, another person to root for you, and another person to gently encourage you. Your birth photographer will care about you and will care about the outcome of your birth.

Birth is powerful, beautiful and utterly genuine – one of the most sacred moments a human could witness.

About the South African Birth Photographers Association (SABPA)

Founded in 2013, The South African Birth Photographers Association (SABPA) represents professional birth photographers in South Africa. It aims to encourage the development and growth of the professional birth photography industry in South Africa. The association is guided by an independent advisory board, consisting of various medical professionals. The SABPA Oath of Conduct is the cornerstone of the association and provides a benchmark for the birth photography industry in South Africa.

The association provides a stable platform (built on trusting relationships with other healthcare professionals and institutions) for birth photographers to grow their businesses from and build communities. SABPA ultimately strives to bridge the gap between medicine and the humanities by integrating existing clinical excellence with positive patient experiences.

SABPA was founded in a time when no birth photographer was allowed at a hospital birth in South Africa. It was established to help birth photographers get and keep a foot in the proverbial door, protect the industry and connect with relevant people. To this day, we have greater access success than any of the other global birth markets. We achieve this by acting as a platform and facilitator for birth photographers. All our members have to write and pass their SABPA Entry Exams and take the SABPA Oath of Conduct to become a registered member of the association. SABPA photographers are credible and trustworthy, so parents can rest assured that their photographer is reputable and knowledgeable and continuously remains informed and educated about the industry to help serve their clients to the best of their abilities.

As a new parent, choosing the right birth photographer to capture your experience is a big decision, and SABPA strives to make your birth experience one to remember. SABPA is not an accreditation or regulatory body. Instead, it empowers parents, photographers, hospitals and healthcare providers by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to uphold the integrity, safety and privacy of the birth space and its role players. The platform allows parents to have their birth stories captured beautifully and professionally by a registered birth photographer.

Whether it be water birth, emergency caesarean section, planned c-section, VBAC, home delivery, medicated or non-medicated. YOUR birth is YOUR beauty.

This article was published in partnership with Media Xpose.

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