The AXOR MyEdition collection of taps combines clear, linear design with a uniquely creative twist. Each tap has a cover plate which can be personalised to your taste in a variety of surface finishes and colours, for that extra touch of individualism and creativity.

With AXOR MyEdition, there are almost unlimited customisation options – from polished gold optic to brushed black chrome, and every surface is scratch resistant and won’t be worn down by cleaning products.

Do it all just the way you like it. Combine two different colours of either a brushed or polished surface on the plate or mixer body or set the tone for a holistic bathroom design in your one colour of choice. With and the exclusive customisation services from AXOR Signature, AXOR MyEdition can be finished in one of 255 options to express yourself with.

The range of undeniably elegant finishes includes wood, marble and leather for the plate on the spout. A walnut veneer, Lasa Marble, Nero Marquina Marble, Nappa Leather and Mirrored Glass or Black Glass are also standout choices that can blend into your desired aesthetic perfectly, no matter what your taste may be.

Every plate is one of a kind, created from all-natural material that is carefully selected and finished off by the finest craftspeople. Brushed or polished metallic shades transform your taps into a statement of exclusive individuality. Polished Red Gold, Brushed Nickel, Polished Black Chrome or Brushed Gold Optic add extra shine and a modern twist. Every surface has its own special flavour.

With AXOR MyEdition, your bathroom becomes a safe, comfortable haven that is all yours – where you can retreat and just be who you are, surrounded by a luxurious look and feel that is “all you”, through and through.

Express yourself and feel the luxury of AXOR MyEdition – your window into personal style.

AXOR. Every design starts with a story.

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