Mylk is inviting all vegans, lactose-free, and health-conscious eaters for a virtual tasting of their new #BetterThanVegan Wickedly good ice cream range. If you’re looking for more flavour, added nutrition, and less GMO – this is for you.

MYLK IS PROUDLY #GmoFree #LactoseFree #FairTrade #PlantBased #NoCruelty

Wickedly Good and Wow, No Cow!

“We’re not about that dairy banter, but we are about sustainability, accountability, nutrition, and heart. We’ve poured our passion into a product that’s not simply a ‘good enough vegan alternative’, but rather a product that does justice to you – the people who live dairy-free, our Earth for growing these ingredients, and the hands that have harvested them” – Mylk

Indulgence comes at no cost with this WICKED ICE CREAM RANGE:

  1. Hubba Hubba Chocolate Truffle

The smell of rich chocolate as you open the lid, the perfect texture as your spoon slides into the tub, and the glorious surprises of truffle waiting for you to discover them.

  1. Bomb Butter Pecan

Smooth and silky does it with an explosion of buttery pecans on your pallet. A delightful creaminess on your lips with not much to worry about on the hips.

  1. Mellow Mint Chip

Refreshing and perfectly balanced with a couple of crunchy secrets. Here’s a melt-in-your-mouth occasion to enjoy this summer with friends and family.

  1. Peace, Love and Burfee

One of those things in life you’ve just got to experience for yourself. Pistachios and Almonds release their flavour as Cardamom sings right through your senses – simply divine.

  1. Rockin’ PB Chocolate Caramel Bark

Picture a mountain range in your mouth with peaks drenched in chocolate, caramel, and peanuts! Consider taking your tastebuds on an adventure with this one.

  1. Cinnamon Cult Cookie Dough

An ice cream for the cookie dough devotees that’ll do justice to the nostalgia you seek. It’s the taste of grandma’s bakery, but with so much more in the oven.

A Mylkie Business #BeyondIceCream 

“Our milk-free journey began in 2016 because we were honestly so tired of chalky, grainy, icy, and just off-putting ice cream loaded with too many nasties for our liking. So, we made it our mission to develop the perfect recipe that would not only do vegan ice cream justice, but give dairy a dangerously good run for its money. After years of tireless trial and error, we are ready to show you what dairy-free ice cream can be and should be!” – Mylk

Ready to go from virtual to residential?

Make your virtual tasing a reality and dine-in or take-away. The full Wicked Ice Cream Range is available in-store at Mylk:

Enjoy your ice cream outings knowing that your indulgence is udder-free and utterly considerate – to your body, the planet, the people, the four-legged, and your lifestyle!


This article was published in partnership with Media Xpose.

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