By Jarette Petzer

When one has a look at the state of our country and pay even closer attention to who has recently entered the fray where the Zondo commission is concerned, one cannot help assume that what we are seeing play out on the ground, is nothing more than desperate attempts by certain political parties and political leaders to cast our attention as far away as possible, from the very clear and present danger they are in of being exposed.

The net is closing in on high profile people in South Africa who may have benefited from corruption. This may explain these desperate attempts by some to stir up racial tensions in an effort to further destabilise the country. A State of Emergency would see our constitution, elections, and our civil liberties suspended, creating enough breathing room for the guilty to figure out their next move. This must be avoided at all costs and it becomes our responsibility as the public to ensure that a State of Emergency does not ensue.

Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been trampled on. Our people are dying of hunger and the state has lost control of crime and murder in South Africa. Some political parties are encouraging their members to carry out acts of terrorism and incite violence, trying endlessly to push our republic into a state of chaos. We the people must not let that happen.

As much as we demand accountability, we must acknowledge that we as the people of the Republic of South Africa, are too just as accountable for the stabilisation and well- being of this country and all its people. The clock is ticking, but South Africa, is still yours for the reclaiming. We must demand accountability, transparency, good governance, and consequence.

On the 24th of October we will rise, march to various key points throughout the country, and hand over our memorandum addressed to our Honourable Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice, President Cyril Ramaphosa, Head of the NPA, and National Police Commissioner. We have allowed 10 days for an official delivery and should we be ignored, we will mobilise once again.

It is about time that the powers that be face the facts, that South Africa is now on its feet and quoting poet Dylan Thomas “We will not go quietly in that good night, but rage against the dying of the light”. The people are coming. Come rain or shine, we are on our way.

All my life I have been called a blind optimist. Perhaps what the world needs now more than ever is blind optimism, incredible unity, and a clever game plan. Perhaps what we need now is not to play by the rules of a game we do not understand. Perhaps the time has come for new rules to a new game only we know how to play?

Never forget where we have come from as a people. Never forget what we have achieved, together.

Lastly to all our brothers and sisters, young and old: United we SHALL stand.

Jarette Petzer – Founder: Move One Million | |

This article was published in partnership with Media Xpose.

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