Andrea Rademeyer, CEO & founder of Ask Afrika (Pty) Ltd

Andrea Rademeyer is much more than a CEO and researcher—she is an icon for female entrepreneurs on the continent and has gained success and global recognition as a leader in her field over the past 25 years.

Rademeyer founded Ask Afrika in 1995 and set out to build an entity that combined best business practice with scientific research methods and a strong adherence to research and business ethics. Through her vision and leadership, Ask Afrika has developed into a highly successful, Proudly South African enterprise that also competes with global market research companies.

She sees business as playing a pivotal role in shaping and changing society and is committed to that change through uplifting societal voices and making them louder than ever before. It is with this in mind that she has grown her business to employ over 100 staff members under the guidance of a strong female senior management team. Her colourful, passionate and enthusiastic leadership style has ensured that Ask Afrika is set apart from other research companies with particular regard to the delivery of high quality, scientifically accurate and ethically firm research outputs. She is an acclaimed conversationalist who is respected for her integrity, loved for her eccentricity and very well known for enjoying life to the fullest.

Enabling game-changing decisions through market research

 Ask Afrika is built on the principle that research is done for the greater good. Its high-quality market research and deep analysis allow brands and companies to identify opportunities within their businesses and markets to enable sustainable growth. Ask Afrika is a full-service market research company with 25 years’ experience, working across Africa, which makes it the partner of choice for local and multinational companies alike. The company has a demonstrated track record of partnering with clients in the financial services, retail, FMCG, telecoms, automotive and public sectors for customised research.

Besides being specialists in brand and customer experience research, Ask Afrika is also the preferred partner for government and NGOs seeking proactive social research.Ask Afrika’s experience in social research includes critical thinking on how to prevent result bias, pragmatic decision-making in overcoming field challenges, assuring multiple donors that all respective objectives are met, and conducting research that stands up to the rigour of the scientific community. The company is well known and respected for creating some of the most exceptional, go-to industry benchmarks, including the Target Group Index (TGI), the Ask Afrika Orange Index®, the Ask Afrika Icon Brands® and Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands.

Its brand and product research services remain amongst the most rigorous and ethically sound services to retailers and FMCG companies on the continent. Its strategic brand architecture suite includes the Ask Afrika Icon Brands® survey – a scientific benchmark used to determine which brands are most consistently used by South Africans. The company also provide quality research tools that enable service tracking. One such a product is the Ask Afrika Orange Index® survey which ranks businesses on their customer experience, highlighting where improvements can be made in their own sector and across all other sectors.

Today, marketers have access to multitudes of available data; however, being given a plethora of statistics does not necessarily translate into the ability to createa winning strategy. Ask Afrika prides itself on applying market research intelligence as an art, to use available data to find the right channels through which your business can engage with consumer segments within a target market. As a team, Ask Afrika is committed to engage in long-term, strategic partnerships with its clients, continuously having credible conversations to drive business success.

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