Sugar Bay, on Zinkwazi Beach on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal, attracts children from around the world, including France, America, The United Kingdom and much more, with an airport shuttle service which collects kids to and from their international flights.

Sugar Bay offers something for every child – whether introvert, extrovert, creative or sporty – with complete freedom to choose from over 100 activities, which they can enjoy within a safe and secure holiday environ­ment. Some activities include paintball, waterslides, dance lessons, kayaking, surfing, a four-station bungee trampoline, stand-up paddle boarding, zip lining, body boarding and bicycle rides. All equipment is provided.

Camp counsellors are positive role models and mentors

The camp counsellors are the heart and soul of Sugar Bay – they are the young adults who supervise the children, but more than that, they act as positive role models and mentors to the children. Sugar Bay’s staff include a highly experienced management team, camp counsellors trained in emergency first response and qualified lifeguards.

The camp’s counsellors are truly remarkable and their impeccable training, sheer delight in working with children, their empathy, sense of fun and attention to safety protocols are evident, no matter what activity is underway or what time of day it is.

Friendship, advice and encouragement are offered in abundance by Sugar Bay’s staff. The friendly staff al­ways offer a helping hand, a welcoming smile, patience and encouragement to inspire children to excel at the activities they are involved with. An enormous and infectious sense of fun is what each camper can ex­pect. Every week has a new theme, new activities are introduced and an extravagant themed dinner is held to ensure that every camp experience is different.

Activities are safe, engaging and entertaining

Daily schedules are jam-packed with fun activities for all campers, and the camp’s counsellors ensure that learning is safe, engaging and entertaining. The camp has very strict safety protocols which include a 24-hour supervision policy and a maximum staff to child ratio of 1:3. Besides the day-time activities, night-time activities are also hosted by the counsellors, which include camp fires, party nights, fire shows and games like Fear Factor and Minute to Win It.

Sugar Bay stretches over 16 acres of fun-filled play­grounds, which includes a soccer field, swimming pool, obstacle courses, climbing wall, paintball arena, indoor sport halls, theatre, health centre and a grand hall, dining area and tuck shop. The waterfront has private access to the lagoon and beach, and is stocked with kayaks, boards and a boat.

Spacious accommodation in cabins under canopied trees

Campers sleep in spacious wooden cabins which are nestled under large canopy trees with covered veran­das. Each cabin is equipped with en-suite bathroom facilities and linen, and boys and girls are separated in secured areas. Two or more counsellors are assigned to each cabin for night-time supervision.Children are housed in cabins according to their age, and counsellors are specially trained and experienced in the growth and development needs of the children’s different age groups.

Counsellors in junior cabins provide comfort, love and security for those who seldom sleep away from home and especially for those who are experiencing their first sleepover. Senior campers have special privileges, like late wake-ups, but are also under supervision to ensure there is no misbehaving and to make sure they get enough rest for the next day.

Delicious food – nothing like boarding school meals!

Meals are freshly prepared by chefs, which are nothing like boarding school meals. Children can expect bacon and eggs, flapjacks, lasagna and homemade bread, as well as fresh fruit or vegetables at every meal. And there is always more than enough to eat. Three large meals, two smaller snacks and a tuck shop visit a day to ensure energy levels are maintained.

Sugar Bay is so much more than just holiday fun. The camp specialises in the growth and emotional development of each child. Improved self-esteem and independence are just some of the life skills each child will learn. Each of the camp’s activities provides specific and invaluable personal development opportunities, and the freedom of choice ensures that each child is fully committed to the experience.

Each child leaves the camp fitter, stronger and with greater maturity and a sense of responsibility. Sugar Bay is also a world without digital devices and where kids make a whole new group of friends from different cultures and backgrounds.

This article was published in partnership with Media Xpose.

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