Stamped Greeting Cards

Kids love to play with stamps. This card-making craft will have them excited to create fun shapes out of ordinary spuds.


Step 1:  Slice Half

Step 2:  Make an Impression

Step 3:  Create the Shape

Step 4:  Ready for Paint

Step 5:  Colorful Spuds

Step 6:  Stamp and Go

Step 7:  Add Some Sparkle

Step 8:  Sealed With a Stamp

Step 1

Slice in Half

Gather cookie cutters that are small enough to make an impression in a potato. If you don’t have any, you can use a small knife to cut the shapes. Cut the potato in half.

Step 2

Make an Impression

Push the cookie cutter into one half of the potato. Do not remove the cutter.

Step 3

Create the Shape

Use a paring knife to cut into the potato so that the tip of the knife hits the cookie cutter. Cut around the potato, removing the layer surrounding the cutter. This will create the raised shape of the stamp.

Step 4

Ready for Paint

Cut as many shapes as you like — the potatoes will last quite a while.

Step 5

Colorful Spuds

After the potatoes are cut, spread the paint onto the potato using a foam paintbrush or by dipping the potato directly in the paint.

Step 6

Stamp and Go

Once the potato is covered in paint, stamp it onto the card stock or a blank sheet of paper

Step 7

Add Some Sparkle

To add an element of sparkle, sprinkle glitter of a similar shade onto the wet paint. Wait a few minutes before shaking off the loose glitter.

Step 8

Sealed With a Stamp

The finished product is a fun, sparkly greeting card fit for any occasion.






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