Bringing your baby home to a fully prepared and stocked nursery with washed clothing and linen will make the transition for mum and baby seamless. Having everything on hand as per our list will prepare you with the first exciting weeks of motherhood.

For Mum’s Hospital Visit:

2-3 Front opening cotton sleepshirts/ nighties.

4 Nursing bras

Breast Pads

Dressing gown



Toiletry Bag

Make up/cosmetics


Sanitary pads

Coarse salt


Cell phone and Charger



Outfit to come home


For Crib and Cot:


Cot bumper

2 Wedges for cot

Cot Mattress

Fitted cot sheets

4 pillow cases

Safety baby pillow

2 Waterproof mattress protectors

4-6 Receiving blankets

2 Warm baby blankets

Baby mobile for above cot with a soft jingle

Night light

Baby care monitor



Camp cot


10 Vests

10 Babygro’s

Long sleeve tops


1-3 Fleece suits

2-3 Cardigans/jerseys

6-8 Bibs

6 Booties/socks

Tip: Wash all clothing in non-biological washing powder before baby arrives.

For Mom in the Nursery:

Comfortable feeding chair

(Optional with footstool)

Night Light

Notebook and pen for breast feeding times

Breast pads

Breast feeding bras

Open front shirts or open front nighties

Nipple cream

Breast pump


Bath Time:

Baby bath for over bath or toweling mat on slanted frame

Mat for Mom to kneel on over bath

2-3 Hooded towels

4 Facecloths

Aqueous cream for bathing baby all over

Laundry bag

Plastics fun toys (with no small pieces)


Out and About:

Car seat

Baby on board sign

Window sleeve

Pram and baby carrier with shade cloth.


Nappy Changing area:


Disposable nappies (+8 per day)

Nappy bin

Nappy bags for soiled nappies

Wet wipes



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