Lemon water is a refreshing drink and is generally considered good for health. The use of this healthy drink as a food and as a therapeutic agent is well documented. However, its use when breastfeeding needs caution if the breastfeeding mother has acidity issues.
In this MomJunction post, we share the health benefits of lemon water, along with its probable side-effects when consumed during breastfeeding.

Is Lemon Water Safe When Breastfeeding?

Yes, lemon water is considered “safe to drink” when breastfeeding. It is most commonly recommended to stay hydrated and keep digestive issues, such as bloating, at bay. When breastfeeding, this healthy drink could add variety to your daily water intake.

The lemon water prepared from fresh lime juice at home is comparatively healthier than the premixes, such as lemonade, available in the market. However, just like any other beverage or food, have lemon water in moderation.

Nutritional Value Of Lemon Water

Lemon juice is rich in phenolic compounds, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, carotenoids, and essential oils. Besides, it also has a considerable amount of citric acid that possesses various health-benefiting properties.

Possible Health Benefits Of Lemon Water

Regular consumption of lemon water could provide the following benefits to the lactating mother and the breastfeeding baby

  1. Hydration: Anecdotal evidence suggests that lemon water could promote hydration, which in turn supports having optimum breast milk supply. However, scientific studies on this are limited.
  2. Weight management: Lemon water (without sugar) is a low-calorie beverage that can be an ideal replacement for various high-calorie beverages, such as sweetened apple juice and soft drinks. This replacement helps reduce your total calorie consumption while keeping you hydrated. Besides, several scientific studies show that lemon juice contains polyphenols that help in sustainable weight loss by fighting body fluid retention.
  3. Digestive health: Research studies show that citrus fruits have positive effects on the digestive system due to their digestion-enhancing properties. Enhanced digestion ensures better nutrient absorption. It also keeps digestive problems, such as acidity, at bay.
  4. Gut health: Some animal-based research studies show that the lemon polyphenols such as Eriocitrin found in lemon juice and peel could have positive effects on the host and the intestinal microbiome.
  5. Liver health: Citric acid makes fresh lemon water an effective drink that could also act as a detox drink for the liver.A research study showed the hepatoprotective effect of lemon juice, attributed to the presence of citric acid.
  6. Immunity: Lemon juice, just like several other sister citrus fruits, contains vitamin C, antioxidants, and several micronutrients that likely have a positive effect on immunity. An in vitro study demonstrated the possibility of antimicrobial properties of lemon juice that could support immunity
  7. Blood sugar control: Excess pregnancy weight can have an impact on blood sugar levels. Research suggests that a compound called naringenin found in lemon juice may help in regulating blood sugar levels. Anecdotally, lemon water is also considered a blood purifier
  8. Cardiovascular health: A research study on lemon, honey water fasting demonstrated blood pressure-lowering effects of lemon on healthy individuals due to the anti-inflammatory properties of citric acid and antioxidants.
  9. Skincare: Some research studies note that vitamin C and antioxidants found in lemon juice have skin repairing and protective properties. Besides, lemon juice also has functional properties that might help strengthen the veins. Anecdotally, regular consumption of lemon juice is considered effective in reducing the aging effects.

Lemon juice may also provide symptomatic relief from sore throat.

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