When your little one is born, you’re attached to your phone or camera capturing as many of the moments as possible. Not much changes as the years pass, and soon you’re inundated with an overflowing digital album filled with birthdays, the start of the school year, funny moments in the park and precious sleepy shots in the back of the car.

Photo printing experts, Nifty250.co.za, offer up a few hacks to stay on top of your child’s memories, be they captured or created:

  1. A year at a time

In a time when we’re taking more photographs than we could ever hope to print, it’s sometimes good to take stock of the year passed and highlight the great memories. Take a moment to sift through the endless selfies to find the images that really captured your family’s happiness over the past 12 months. Print and slip them into an album. Your kids will thank you one day as they page through their collective childhood joy.

  1. String it

While photobooks and albums are neat and take up minimal space on the bookshelf, you might prefer to see your amazing memories every day. Source artwork frames from vintage stores or wooden craftsmen and remove the glass and backing. Using a pinboard pin, pin a piece of string across the width of the frame, securing it on the side facing the wall. Find yourself some stylish pegs and create a customised wall feature using your own polaroids as the content. Print them over at Nifty250.co.za—the best part is that the site links with your social feeds to make selecting your images a breeze.

  1. Celebrate your mini Picasso

If you’re a parent, you’re well accustomed to the piles of artwork that arrive home with your offspring in their early school years. You’re overwhelmed with how much your little one has developed, and while you lovingly admire their handiwork, the thought of storing it sends chills down your spine. Technology has the solution. Take a snap of each art piece as it arrives home and create orderly collages of the art for each year or every couple of school years. Voila! Tidy and gorgeous frameable memories that don’t fill your cupboards.


Visit www.nifty250.co.za for many more ideas on how to remember the best moments now passed.



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