The premise of this concept is that, whatever happens to your offspring in the first thousand days of life, will have a profound effect on your child’s health, mental and physical, and social and emotional well being, and is the start of their trajectory for the rest of their lives. In fact, these first thousand days are a golden opportunity to set your child on a journey for their best future possible.

What many potential parents do not take into consideration is that this process of successfully launching your child on his or her life journey, so to speak, really starts at puberty. The decisions we make about our own physical and mental health then already lays the foundation for the type of environment we are going to create for our infants. Respect your body, be fit & healthy So, it is crucial that we respect our bodies by being as fit and healthy as possible.

We have to eat as nutritiously as possible as well. Chronic iron and vitamin deficiencies put your unborn children at risk. Abusing substance and alcohol or smoking, also decreases your vitality and the ability to provide a safe space for your babies in which to develop.

In fact, these substances can cause birth or mental defects in developing infants. The well being of the woman before and during pregnancy is crucial so that her baby starts its life journey off well. Now that you are pregnant, it is important to realise that the first thousand days starts with conception. The first 270 days are spent in the mother’s womb, where all the issues of physical, mental and emotional health are even more important to assure that your baby develops as perfectly as possible.

It is the time of rapid cell growth and organ development, and anything that may interfere with the mother’s health may have a negative impact on the unborn child. That is why it is crucial that the mother attends an antenatal care facility to make sure that the baby is growing well and that the mother is healthy. It is crucial to diagnose conditions such as hypertension during pregnancy or pregnancy-induced diabetes as soon as possible. During this time, you will also be tested for HIV, and if needed, to start taking your medication as soon as possible to prevent transfer to your unborn child.

Role of your husband or partner

So, you may wonder, what is the role of your husband or partner in is?

They play a critical role in supporting you emotionally through a caring and loving relationship, or at least, that is what should be happening!

Why is the emotional state of the mother so important for a baby? It has to do with the baby’s emotional state.

When a mother suffers undue stress or anxiety during pregnancy, she secretes stress hormones, which is a normal stress response. Unfortunately, these  stress hormones cross over to the baby and may be toxic to the brain’s development. This could lead to a child with severe emotional issues, or even attention deficit hyperactivity type symptoms. It is therefore important that when a mother decides to fall pregnant, that she is sure that there are material means to support her as well as emotional support, if this can’t be provided by the father of the child.

Having a baby is a magical event, and although there are no guarantees, creating a healthy backdrop to the pregnancy both physically and emotionally will go a long way towards providing your baby with the potential to be a successful and accomplished happy adult, one that you could both be proud of! Good luck with the planning!

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