Bring the spa to you

Plan a spa session, complete with massage, relaxing music and chill time.

Soak your feet, moisturise, trim and paint your nails, try a different hairstyle and make a healthy smoothie.

Make a movie:

Is there anything more fun for kids than watching themselves?

Come up with a simple plot, get some props and costumes together and write a loose screenplay.

Older kids can help edit too—then screen it for everyone.

Exercise together

Do yoga, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and squats. Skate down the ally in your socks, or, if all else fails…pillow fight!


Find karaoke songs on YouTube and sing your hearts out!

Have a dance party

Dress up in your rock-star best, find a great mix of music for the whole family and have everyone shake what their mama gave them!

Set up a hot cocoa bar

The kids are likely happy with hot chocolate alone, but to make it a super special activity, plan a hot cocoa bar. Stock up on all their favourite toppings: marshmallows, sprinkles and whipped cream.

Watch a movie

Cuddle up on the sofa and watch something just for the kids: numb their brains for an hour…it won’t hurt you or them.

Have an indoor beach party

When it’s cold outside, turn up the heat inside. Put on shorts, lounge around on towels, whip up some smoothies with umbrellas and other summer food, and maybe put the kids in the tub for some water play!

Crepe paper laser maze

Use crepe paper or wool to create a maze that your kids have to navigate their bodies through.

Plastic cup construction

Got a few hundred plastic cups on hand?

Create a fort, tower, building…the only limits are you and your child’s imagination.

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