Many of us have been unable to find time to switch off due to COVID-19. This has led to an increase in juggling and wearing many hats in the household. Working moms, in particular, have shouldered the brunt of the pandemic during the lockdown, playing mother, employee, cleaner, chef — and, let’s not forget, teacher.  Researchers found that although our household roles have evolved, 59% of couples are not sharing responsibilities equally. In fact, women are performing 15 hours more of domestic labour per week. This has caused a surge of frustration, but the recent easing of lockdown regulations are a welcomed relief for a tired mom.

According to Rioma Cominelli, a Director at First Loyalty Plus, we can finally prioritise our mental health again as we have more things to do outside of the home. “This period has disrupted our way of life and has placed an emotional toll on everyone but taking some time off can have a positive impact on our stress levels and enable us to cope better with our current reality,” she adds.

With more places opening up, many business owners may be offering great prices to make up for the loss of revenue they experienced in the past couple of months. “Dads can take advantage of the good deals that are currently available. They will save money while also taking the opportunity to celebrate the woman in their lives by giving mom a break she desperately needs,” says Roma.

Rioma suggests 5 ways to celebrate the woman in your life this Women’s month:

1.A weekend away: Tourism Minister, Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane, recently announced that intra-provincial travel is now permitted. This is the perfect opportunity to go away for the weekend and get a much-needed recharge. Although a full-on vacation is out of the question at this point, a short weekend trip can have a positive impact on your mental health.

2.A staycation: If going away is not possible, then a staycation may be a solution for you. You could spoil your partner with a visit to their favourite     restaurant,    followed by a hike or walk. This will not only revitalise the mind but help ease the frustration of not being able to see family and friends.

3.Spa treatment: A couples massage is a great option as it gives you a moment to reconnect with your partner. Research shows that a massage can decrease cortisol levels, which is the body’s stress hormone, and instantly calm the body and brain. It will also help stimulate the love hormone, oxytocin, which is beneficial in reducing anxiety and easing depression. Don’t be frightened by the cost of a massage. If you join a loyalty programme, you can reduce the costs of a spa treatment without reducing the quality of the spoil.

4.Watch a movie: A movie provides a temporary escape to focus on something else other than yourself and any issues you may be facing. Psychology experts say that movies can provide emotional release and inspiration, which is especially important for this period. You don’t have to work too hard here, all you need to do is order a meal for delivery, rent your movie, sit back and relax.

5. An online shopping spree: You can delight your partner in a shopping voucher or better yet, set them a spending limit and let them take part in a fun online shopping marathon. New clothes, shoes, deco, or a new gadget are a wonderful mood booster.

“Although work-time and home-time have converged, it’s important to remember to prioritise our mental health so that we can be in a position to deal with the stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. We need to be intentional about taking time off as it will enhance the quality of our lives,” concludes Rioma.




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