21st Century’s dynamic intern makes big plans

In these uncertain times, it may seem like good news is sometimes hard to come by; which makes living success stories like Sue-Zane Masole particularly relevant and inspiring given our current climate. Sue-Zane’s tale is one of a free-thinking spirit whose determination and positivity shine through, even in darker times.

Sue-Zane Masole, Projects and Tender Intern at 21st Century, believes in aiming high. This versatile, multi-skilled up-and-comer thinks that learning should never stop, no matter how successful one becomes.

“Five years from now, I hope to have boosted my skillset enough to be in a management position. I really value everything I’m learning in my work and I believe we need to willingly absorb the knowledge and expertise the professionals around us have to share”, says Sue-Zane.

Daily inspiration

The human element is a key driver in Sue-Zane’s everyday life and career. She adds, “I always use my family and dreams to push myself when I become demotivated. I sometimes need to remind myself how much I inspire the people in my family and what I hope to achieve in my life. That helps keep me positive and moving forward.”

Learning on the job

Sue-Zane’s academic record is testament to her determination and drive. On her way to completing her Honours degree in International Relations, while majoring in Industrial Psychology and Public Administration, she applied for the post of Projects and Tender Intern at 21st Century.

The post turned out to be the perfect fit, and Sue-Zane has been forging ahead ever since. In her daily drive towards her all-star career, Sue-Zane remains as committed to learning and sharing knowledge as ever.

“The most important discipline one can obtain to achieve success is to become transferable as an individual. Learn to transfer your skill, knowledge, experiences and success”, she says.

Looking ahead

Obtaining an MBA degree (Cum Laude) is at the top of Sue-Zane’s bucket list, and she hopes to make an impact as a Projects Coordinator in the future. “I would love to bring my expertise on IR and Foreign Policy into our company and expand our parameters to International Affairs and policymaking”, she concludes.

Sue-Zane’s fast-learning, quick-thinking approach to her life and career is setting her apart already at the tender age of 24. And this promising young achiever is on a swift upward trajectory, boosting her skills and knowledge every day. The 21st Century team is proud to have her on board and looks forward to watching her grow.

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About 21st Century:

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In this volatile and uncertain environment, the way of working is changing dramatically. There are new – and often unprecedented – challenges that require businesses to plan rapidly and take decisive and immediate action. 21st Century offers a Resilience Audit assessing businesses during COVID-19 for their sustainability, offering these businesses tailor made solutions and developing new remuneration structures and performance measurement systems, as well as helping with managing organisational changes within the business.

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