The Kolisi Foundation encompasses Siya and Rachel Kolisi’s heart in one project. The Kolisi duo has a vision to change the narrative of inequality for people in vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in South Africa by providing assistance and opportunities through partnerships. By remembering the one, “One by One” we will impact the nation.

The Kolisi Foundation was months away from the official launch. With the unexpected risks and threatened spread of the COVID-19 virus, Siya & Rachel could not sit on their hands and watch the nation cry for help – This resulted in the early birth of the foundation in March 2020.

The main focus of the Kolisi Foundation during this time is to provide sustainable food relief to South Africans, especially focusing on child-headed households, orphans and the vulnerable.

“It changes you, it changes how think. It doesn’t matter how small it is. Just do something for someone else and see how it makes you feel. It is driving me right now” – Siya Kolisi

Proudly rooted in their home country of South Africa the Kolisi Foundation’s mission is to serve their local communities with grace and generosity, to offers a place of sanctity, refuge and of comfort for those who need it most. Serving as fasilitators to bring people who have to give and those who need together.

“Just to focus on the one heart, and the one person and the one life that you are changing and remembering that that counts. That is more important than anything else.” – Rachel Kolisi

The Kolisi Foundation’s mission are shaped around the following focus areas and approaches: Food Security, Leadership & Mentorship, Skills Development & Job Shadowing, Education & Youth Development, Sport Development and Gender Based Violence.

The Kolisi Foundation has a number of projects underway, and some exciting upcoming initiatives that they are working on. These projects are diverse but they all share the same goal – helping those in need, alleviating poverty and addressing real issues.

“I pride myself on being South African and that fighting spirit and resilience for whatever challenges are pushed our way.” – Siya Kolisi

We know that we can’t do any of the projects without the support of others. One by One, Together we will impact the nation.

How can you help?

We are all the hands and feet for those who are vulnerable. Individuals and companies can contribute with their finances, time and through partnering with us to impact the nation One by One.

At the moment, our current Covid-19 food relief initiatives are the Kolisi Foundation’s main focus. Through our partnerships, R100 can feed one person for a month. This forms part of the #Each1Feed1 movement.

“A lot of people are going hungry, in fact there were a lot before the pandemic, but with people being cut from work and without a job, they can’t even get the little bit of food they used to have every day” – Siya Kolisi

You can follow the Kolisi Foundation initiatives and projects on or social media channels and donations can be made on our website.

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Photo credits: Alex Oelofse, Chris Joubert & Black Bean Productions.

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