Nothing beats having confident learners when the schools start in January. They are ready to learn and to conquer the new academic year challenges; especially when they have received the much needed “back to school” assistance. This often fades away as the “back to school” hype gradually comes to a halt in February and when the learner supplies starts running out without a sustainable plan for the year.

Hence Ubank Limited together with Eastern Cape – Mbhashe Local Municipality and the Imbumba Foundation, the founder of Caring4Girls programme have partnered together to offer the annual hygiene education and support to various schools in Mbhashe Municipality including areas that previously formed the Elliotdale, Willowvale and Dutywa TLCs and TRCs, said Ubank CEO, Luthando Vutula.

The Imbumba Foundation on behalf of Ubank will provide the all-year-round hygiene education and support to over 300 girls and boys in Grade R up to Grade 12. The beneficiaries of this corporate social responsibility initiative are from the Mpozolo SS School in Gatyane (Willowvale) Ward 21, Riverview SP School in Xhora (Elliotdale) Ward 13 as well as Enoch Mamba SS and Tech Schools in Dutywa Ward 6.

The dignity packs will include draw-string bags which learners can use for school books, roll-on deodorants, body sprays, toothpastes, bath soaps and face cloths and sanitary towels for the girls.

The hygiene education that we provide, many may think it is trivial but we have seen it first-hand what difference it makes to the learners in the past. It changes the way the learners look at themselves, it enables them to be confident because when they look good and smell good, they feel good. These lessons and dignity pack boosts their confidence and self-esteem enabling them to worry only about learning, said Imbumba Foundation CEO, Mr Richard Mabaso.

The hygiene teaching and dignity packs will truly be a gift for the learners. As children are generally naïve, they often do not understand that some of the donations are “once-off” and become very dependent on them. It is very sad when this happens and breaks their hearts. Hence I am pleased that Ubank and Imbumba Foundation’s involvement will last the entire year of 2020. This will mean a lot to the learners and their parents who often cannot afford to buy them these necessities and from the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful to Ubank, said Mbhashe Local Municipality Executive Mayor, Honourable Cllr S, Janda.

This was a practical decision for Ubank to give assistance to our young, caring for our future leaders and easing their parents’ financial constraint burden where we can. It was furthermore eased by the earnest pleas received from the district. As part of the Ubank’s promise is to look after our customers, their families and communities, this is really what drove us to be involved, concluded Vutula.

Join Ubank at their Hygiene Programme Launch on the 6th February 2020 at Idutywa TRC Hall from 10h00 am to experience the handover ceremony. We look forward to sharing this special occasion with you.


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