Trust and transparency have never been more important to business than they are today. Complexities in local and global economies and political landscapes are fostering mistrust and putting pressure on developers to compete at increasingly higher costs to both bottom line and business relationships. Business is, after all, about doing business and it needs to be done fast and efficiently. However, the best way to build a sustainable business that can weather the complexities of current economic landscape, is to foster relationships based on trust and transparency.


‘The more trust we have, the faster and easier business and innovation happens,’ says Citiq Prepaid managing director, Michael Franze. ‘This is particularly relevant when it comes to utility management. The complexities in utility management, control and admin can cause endless difficulties for developers and property owners – and is often the reason for mistrust, damaged reputations and poor relationships. So, we have invested into solutions that help you turn utilities management challenges into opportunities.’

Citiq Prepaid has a dedicated team that partners with property developers to recommend prepaid sub-metering solutions that assure every owner, tenant and developer of completely fair and accurate utility monitoring and management. Our teams develop trusted, transparent and relevant utilities solutions in collaboration with property developers and owners using our in-depth understanding of the prepaid submetering industry.

‘We understand the hardware, the recharge outlets, the admin, the logistics and the requirements in the utility market,’ explains Franze. ‘We work with property developers to manage everything from sourcing the meters to providing technical support, and we ensure that every part of the process is as transparent as possible.’

Citiq Prepaid’s teams resolve complex and tedious administrative issues quickly, and they work closely with you to ensure that you have the information you need. Not all utility sub-metering installations are the same and we know exactly how to curate solutions that fit your client base, your tenant needs and your overall development goals. We provide fast and accurate feedback into the process and work with you to overcome any unexpected challenges.

‘Our teams are designed to guide you through the entire process from start to finish,’ says Franze. ‘This ncludes supporting the owner handover by registering the meter, to providing everyone with information on how the system works, to giving tenants handy guides on how to access and manage their prepaid systems.’

Through this extensive transparency and our commitment to building trust with every partner along the value chain, Citiq Prepaid has worked with some of South Africa’s market leaders in building reliable and trusted prepaid sub-metering solutions. We have hundreds of property developer clients across the country and can count numerous developments as successful examples of how our focus on trust has delivered results.




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