Innovation is more than just ‘the next big thing’. Innovation stems from a deeper, more intrinsic understanding of a product, its value, its placement, and the audience for which it has been created. It requires a mind suited to approaching a multi-faceted problem and finding solutions to match each side.

But when it comes to the sanitaryware fittings industry,
innovation encompasses design, functionality,
ergonomics, eco-friendliness and comfort. And in
this sector, there is one company whose innovation
has them at the pinnacle of modern solutions –
Hansgrohe.So how does Hansgrohe stay at the peak? What is its
secret to success? After all, one does not simply walk
into the iF Design Awards and walk away with eight
trophies on a whim.

Thinking from person to product
Hansgrohe are constantly challenging themselves
to go further for you, the client. What do consumers
want? Which products are of use to them and which
do they find beautiful?’

Hansgrohe distinguishes itself as a successful
manufacturer by embracing the customer’s point of
view. It’s not a question of offering trendy products;
Hansgrohe wants to offer you something progressive.
They want to provide you with a product which will
bring you specific added value in the long run.
Novelties – the term Hansgrohe uses for concepts
under three years old – account for roughly 30% of
sales. This high vitality index proves that customers are
never quite satisfied with the status quo.

What does the bathroom of the future
look like?
This is another prodigious question which Hansgrohe
goes out of its way to answer in all of its products. In fact,
this very attitude has led to 2019’s most extravagant
new offers from Hansgrohe – RainTunes and Rainfinity.
RainTunes combines water, sound, light, moving
images and fragrances to create an all-encompassing,
customised and indulgent shower. Rainfinity is your
gateway to complete relaxation; a showerhead with
new jet types, multiple functions and a gorgeous design.

Modern water management
Hansgrohe’s commitment to a green future cannot be
forgotten. Hansgrohe make an incredible effort in its
innovation and designs to remain as environmentally
friendly as possible.
EcoSmart is the water saving feature that most
modern Hansgrohe products boast, saving water and
energy in massive amounts and capping the flow rate
per litre on many taps.
The Pontos is a 2019 product that is connected to
your internal water systems and controls the water rates
efficiently; reducing your impact on the environment.
Hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!

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