The insulation of industrial process plants and equipment places high demands on the system designer, installer and the insulation supplier. ISOVER Tech products provide high levels of thermal performance for economic and environmental purposes. Even at constantly high service temperatures up to 660°C, you can rest assured of ULTIMATE protection from heat.

ISOVER ULTIMATE also provides excellent acoustics
to help control plant noise and improve safety for
plant personnel. It is light and easy to handle, and is
particularly beneficial where access is difficult and
space limited.

ISOVER has worked closely with industrial process
designers, operators and contractors to develop
a range of industry solutions that meet a range of
insulation requirements:

• Providing a choice of products that meet
demands for flexibility and ease of installation
• Able to cope with the daily stresses of expansion
and contraction, vibration and fluctuating
• On tanks, vessels, pipes, boilers, furnaces and
other process equipment in power generation,
oil and gas, chemical and other processing


Corrosion protection included
Highly alloyed austenitic steels (alloys of chrome,
nickel and molybdenum) are predisposed to tensile
stress corrosion (stress corrosion cracking), caused
mainly by water soluble ions, such as chlorides. As
temperature increases, so does the risk of stress
corrosion cracking. All ISOVER industrial Tech products
are therefore low in chlorides

Silence is golden
Many industrial installations work at high pressure, with
fast moving media and often turbulence, all of which
can cause high noise levels. Acoustic insulation in this
field therefore has two main objectives:

• To protect the hearing of personnel working close
by, and
• Particularly in urban areas, to reduce ambient
sound in the local environment.
Energy efficiency
ULTIMATE provides:
• Up to 35% increase in thermal performance
• Up to 30% savings in required insulation thickness
• Up to 50% savings in insulation weight compared
to traditional stone wool insulation design.

By perfectly combining the advantages of glass- and
stone wool in one product, ULTIMATE answers to the
need for higher energy efficiency by maintaining proven
insulation practices. ULTIMATE can be compressed
and once installed, keep the insulation properties and
thickness over time, even when exposed to vibration,
thermal shocks and other industry-typical conditions

All these benefits are reasons why industry giants SAPPI
and Engen choose to partner with Isover.
ISOVER South Africa assisted on the SAPPI maintenance
programme. The project scope entailed thermal
insulation for boilers and pipelines and the natural
choice was to use ULTIMATE U Thermo products. The
application temperature ranged from 200°C to 300°C.
ISOVER South Africa also assisted on the Engen
refinery maintenance programme. The project scope
entailed thermal insulation for boilers and pipelines. The
application temperature ranged from 200°C to 450°C.
ULTIMATE U Thermo Matt and ULTIMATE U Thermo
pipe were ideal for these applications

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