Formality in lamp design

The sleek silhouette of Lineal is a fresh new look that showcases its creator, Adam Hoets’stylistic dexterity

As a trained architect, Hoets uses his respect for the built environment and innate understanding of geometry to give many of his pieces a striking structural impact. The pendant pays homage to the formality and purity of modern lines. While striking in its visual appeal as a decorative piece, it also offers a powerful lighting source. This makes it ideal for a working environment or area where task lighting is needed, such as over a kitchen counter, a desk, or suspended above a pool table. A versatile model, this lamp can also be adapted to a client’s space or wishes. Available from Willowlamp, Cape Town

New work boot for women

A local manufacturer has launched a steel midsole variant in two of their leading shoes and boots and introduced an affordable split-leather safety boot option in yet another move that addresses the gaps in the choice of local safety footwear available to women.

Despite certain environment specifications requiring a steel midsole, there is currentlyno female-specific safety footwear locally manufactured that meets this specification – and not many options available internationally either. The Sisi Cate and Nicole safety footwear is now be available in a steel midsole variant, says Vanessa Ronald, senior brand manager for Sisi. The company is also unveiling Yvonne, Sisi’s first split-leather chukka boot, an economical solution targeted at contract workers and those on a budget.
‘There is a high influx of women in industry and we want to convert them to wearing PPE designed specifically to fit the female anatomy. By doing so women will enjoy better health and safety and will also be able to focus their full attention on the job at hand, increasing their productivity on site,’ adds Ronald. Further information from stockists.

New control system connects seamlessly

A new system that introduces the first plugand- play control system that integrates heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) equipment and controls has been launched.

The system, called Verasys, offers customers in the light commercial market a flexible, one-source procurement solution with advanced technology embedded for the self-discovery of Smart Equipment. Suitable for single- or multi-zone applications, the new control system seamlessly connects to a vast range of Smart-enabled mechanical and electrical equipment, controls and sensors using wireless configurations. Verasys accomplishes this without requiring any special programming tools, ensuring low installation costs. Configurable controllers provide simple settings for implementation, and contractors have the option to change defaults to meet their unique requirements.

Verasys also empowers them to offer a complete bundled solution of Smart Equipment and controls that work with third-party, package equipment for greater application, flexibility and protection of existing investments. Users can identify issues before they result in unplanned downtime, and equipment life is extended. The advanced level of control flexibility, including scheduling, alarming, setpoints and more, also saves time, increases productivity and results in facilities that better serve occupants. Verasys is available from Johnson Controls.

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