Hennie Viljoen, marketing manager for MiTek SA, is upbeat about the company and its services. He talks to To Build about their innovative light gauge steel roofing solution, called Ultra-Span.


Relationships are key. ‘We live out a genuine, core passion for serving our customers; and we build trust as a partner on your journey, through our uncompromising commitment to helping you succeed – immediately, and in the long run,’ he says. Ultra-Span, is a light gauge steel roof truss system
that is both lightweight and compact for easy handling and economical transportation. The low mass per square metre of this roofing system ensures both savings on the supporting structure as well as on transportation and erection costs, whilst also being vermin -proof and non-combustible. Engineered designs are calculated using MiTek’s state of the art 20/20 software and provides economical roofing solutions. Light gauge steel offers a wide range of benefits when compared with conventional construction using other framing materials. There are advantages in terms of quality, cost, durability and speed of construction. Reduced wastage, lower logistical costs and earlier occupation offer cost savings, compared with conventional
building methods. ‘Large sections, or an entire roof can simply be pre-assembled on the ground and hoisted into position onto a building’s walls – making this one of the most viable systems, with a large range of applications up to a clear span of 40m. Supported through a substantial network of licensed truss suppliers, Ultra-Span is equally ideal for all local and export applications where it can be pre-assembled or site assembled. ‘We are experiencing a lot of new interest in UltraSpan, throughout the African continent over the past few years, and we continue to grow our presence in various markets,’ says Viljoen.


Advantages of Ultra-Span®
• Elegant simple system, with all members straight and true for a level roof.
• Span capability from small low-cost to large 40m clear span commercial structures.
• Ultra-Span trusses can be supplied in kit-form (low-cost housing or other remote projects).
• Longevity of product due to galvanised coating plus inherent properties of non-combustibility, resistance to borer and fungus attack.
• Lower weight reduces transportation costs and improves handling and erection.
• Ease of truss manufacture with screws and electric fixing tool directly on site or in factory conditions.
• Ultra-Span® is backed by a professional engineering and estimating department. Engineered designs are calculated using state of the art in-house developed software and provide economical roofing solutions.



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