There’s an ancient Chinese curse that says, “May you live in interesting times”. And the times today, are very interesting indeed. The South African property developer is juggling complex challenges in a market that’s been shaken by local and global politics and that expects them to differentiate themselves in increasingly innovative and dynamic ways. Security, location, size, amenities – these have all been commoditised to create value propositions for end users. Now, those features are no longer considered unusual – they are a given. If the developer wants to stand out and make profitable deals, they have to do something a lot more inventive.


Fortunately, this is not a difficult thing to achieve. Over the past few years, environmental issues have become critical talking points in the industry. In the Cape, these have been primarily driven by the water crisis and the impending Day Zero, and many property developers have shifted their attention to solutions that help resolve the ongoing climatic and environmental challenges. Buyers want properties that recognise environmental needs and that support the country in reducing waste and utility usage.

If developers want to attract the right kind of market, they need to work with partners that support their focus on tighter admin, improved utility management, and building their green credentials. As a result, many have turned to working with companies that provide trusted, simple and transparent utility management solutions as they can make all the difference when it comes to keeping both the customer and the managing agent
happy. Partnering with a reliable prepaid utility company not only helps control the issues that arise around bulk electricity supply to estates, but it significantly reduces the stresses associated with managing large and varied utility bills. At the moment, many municipalities are moving towards bulk electricity supply to estates and complexes, and it’s adding significant complexity to the management role of the body corporate or estate manager. They have to monitor usage, pay the bill for the entire estate, and then manage any complaints that may come about from the different tenants. It’s a difficult juggle and one that the property developer can help them avoid. Prepaid utility metering across both water and electricity is a far more superior method of managing costs and people. Friction is reduced – arguments over usage and costs are resolved through instant visibility into billing and consumption. Transparency is increased – collections are handled through Citiq Prepaid and are accessible to the landlord or property owner when needed, and tenants know exactly what they are paying for. Customised care becomes standard – the Citiq Prepaid online portal offers both tenant and owner access to essential information that helps them manage their budgets and properties more efficiently. Partnering with Citiq Prepaid takes the pain out of property management in a single and effective swoop. Property managers can add value to their offering through a cohesive, accessible and cost-effective solution that ensures tight and reliable control over utility management and usage for owner and tenant alike


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