Chicco, global leaders in all things baby for 62 years, is proud to be known as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the category of ‘Toy’.   With Christmas fast approaching, Chicco makes gifting easy by ensuring that all toys, in all stages of a baby’s life, are developmental at their core and provide the child with more than just entertainment. New to South Africa through Prima Baby, Chicco toys have been impressing parents by providing an edu-tainment angle to play time, and allowing parents to witness milestones through bonding time.   Spending time with children as they learn and grow is one of the joys that a good quality range of toys can provide – as well as keeping baby busy while they explore during their own me-time. All stages of Chicco toys are categorised for their primary age group and functionality.   Stage 1 – Cuddles & Wellbeing (newborn upwards) FIRST DREAMS A multi-tech, plush-based choice of cuddly toys and night lights in either pastel pink or blue, all based around providing baby with magical dreams and creating a soft, safe space in the nursery environment. The toys target the primary need for security through cot companions, cuddly teddys and sheep, soft light projection and intelligent musical choices for restful sleep. The First Dreams range makes an excellent gifting solution for expectant parents and newborns. Available in Baby City, Babies R Us, Hamleys, Takealot, Lilliputs,, and selected Kids Emporium stores.   Stage 2 – Senses & Discoveries (3 months upwards) BABY SENSES A speciality for Chicco, the Baby Senses range stems from the desire to see children reach milestones timeously and develop motor skills from as young as 3 months old. The range extends from simple doudou cloths for teething and texture discovery to more complex toys with buttons, sounds and lights. Also included are rattles, teethers, stroller ropes and anything you can imagine a young enquiring mind would love. Colours are bold, bright and textures range from various fabrics to plastics and beyond. Available in Babies R Us, Pick & Pay Hyper stores, Hamleys, Takealot, Lilliputs,, and selected Kids Emporium stores.   Stage 3 – Learning to Move – Moving with Purpose (9 months upwards) MOVE & GROW FIT & FUN Two ranges that take the joy of movement to the next level. Beginning with simple movements such as the first steps of walking with a Walker to being able to experience fun-filled sporty games. The ranges are highly purchased by the father in the child’s life and are fantastic for indoor play, making bad weather irrelevant. Often seasonal purchases, the toys in this range will keep your little one on their toes, fit and healthy. Available at Takealot, Lilliputs,, & selected Kids Emporium stores.   Stage 4 – Expression Through Music (1 year upwards) HAPPY MUSIC A line that is as unique as it is expressive, Chicco’s Happy Music takes the traditional musical instrument and modernises it to make toys that will see your child living out their dreams of stardom on their very own stage. Multi-dimensional electronic toys that are mostly suitable from 1 year upwards, children around the globe are falling in love with their own sonic creations through this brand. Available at Takealot, Lilliputs,, and selected Kids Emporium stores.   Let their little minds work and explore through play this Christmas with Chicco Toys.    
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