The last thing you want to worry about when you are pregnant are your feet, but pregnancy can affect changes in body shape and weight which in turn can affect your feet.  The most hard working and neglected parts of our body are our feet.  We pamper our face, skin, hands and body with lotions and creams, yet we ignore our poor feet which take the worst punishment, especially during pregnancy.

One of those foot problems which may occur are corns and which develop in order to protect  parts of the foot.  Corns generally occur on the tops and sides of the toes and most corns are caused by ill-fitting shoes but you can also develop seed corns on the sole of the feet.

Kroko Corn and Callus Remover is an effective ointment which treats and helps get rid of corns quickly and painlessly.  Together with Kroko Corn Protectors, corns will be eradicated quickly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             To treat corns, soak the foot in hot water for at least five minutes then towel dry and gently rub the corn with an emery board or pumice stone to remove the surface layer of hardened skin.  Apply a thin layer of Kroko Corn and Callus Remover to the corn, taking care to avoid the surrounding skin area and leave it to dry for a minute or two.  Then cover with a Kroko Corn Protector plaster to prevent the ointment from rubbing off the skin.  Repeat the process and change the dressing once a day for six days.

Alternatively, one can use a medicated Kroko Corn Plaster which is a combination of both the ointment and corn plaster.  With ongoing use, these plasters will soften and help to remove corns.

Kroko products are available from Clicks, Dis-chem and independent pharmacies from R49.



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