About a year ago we received our first WoolVreign fleece. Made from 100% Merino Wool this little sheepskin is a beautiful, multipurpose fleece that we have enjoyed using ever since. It’s a soft blanket for baby to lie on, an interesting texture to explore and play on and even a rug that keeps our feet cool in summer an warm in winter.


It looks beautiful in our home and definitely enhances the overall feeling of Hygge that we strive for when creating a space that feels warm and inviting to our family. That being said we don’t just think of our WoolVreign fleece as a pretty decor piece… It really is very durable and can easily be rolled up and taken anywhere, providing baby with a cozy, comfy surface for sleep and play when out and about. During winter months especially, we also use it for nappy changes. No more crying and trying to wiggle off a cold surface – just be careful to keep it clean and if it does get a little dirty, simply spot clean, air and brush your fleece back to it’s original beauty.


Another reason we love our  WoolVreign fleece… It’s 100% natural with no added chemicals or dyes that could irritate baby’s soft, sensitive skin. The WoolVreign team goes to so much trouble ensuring every fleece is of the best quality – which made it really difficult for us to choose a fleece but at the same time, giving us peace of mind knowing our kids were getting the best.


Our fleece may have started in the nursery but now we have moved it to our playroom for the entire family to enjoy. You’re sure to find someone curled up on it, reading a book or wrapping a doll, it’s even been a cave woman shawl! One thing is sure, we adore our  WoolVreign fleece.


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