Professionals are finally turning their attention to the ‘white gold’ that has been in their midst for the
past 4 decades.uPVC window frames were introduced to the South African market about 40 years ago. However,
many local professionals are only now becoming aware of uPVC’s existence and potential benefits.
Durable, low maintenance and offering unmatched energy efficiency, uPVC has proven itself to be
an excellent long term investment. In fact, it has been the standard choice for buildings in Europe
for nearly a century.

Initially, uPVC windows were imported by international manufacturers, making them a luxury
beyond the reach of most ordinary South Africans. That’s all changed. South African entrepreneurs
are fabricating uPVC products within our borders.
uPVC industry leaders like Teva Windows have taken advantage of the qualities of uPVC to
fabricate windows that seal more completely than anything else on the market. Using the correct
design and internal mechanisms these windows and doors offer superior security.
Architects are designing bigger windows with uPVC, that remain compliant with environmental
legislation. Quantity surveyors are selecting more affordable glass options when they use uPVC

Property owners value the security benefits unique to uPVC window systems. Families
enjoy the comfort and electricity savings.
Industry professionals agree that it’s worth doing some homework on manufacturers and ensuring
that they are using profiles specifically formulated for the South African environment. Suppliers with
experience across diverse projects will be able to offer the best advice and service.

So what is uPVC?
uPVC is an unplasticised polymer utilized in numerous industries, including automotive and aviation.
It is a sustainable material that is 100% recyclable. Most importantly, it is non-conductive which
makes it an ideal window framing material. It does not conduct heat into or out of the home. It also
doesn’t heat up the glass as metal frames do.
As a polymer, it does not have the maintenance and replacement requirements of wood and metal.
As a non-conductive material, it allows the home to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. At
the same time, energy costs associated with heating and cooling are reduced. Air conditioners and
heaters are far more effective when the energy they generate does not dissipate through window

As consumer consciousness has grown, uPVC suppliers have continued to innovate and create
new designs to meet project requirements.
“In the past 5 years we have seen exponential growth. With more awareness in the market, we’ve
been able to expand beyond high-end residences to luxury apartments, schools, hotels and even
low-cost housing. “ says Teva Windows MD, Pieter Malherbe.
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