Busy moms can now feed their baby an instant maize porridge, specifically suited to their little one’s tummies, saving them time on preparation and still offering the tummy fill that is intrinsic to a maize porridge.

As a brand we established moms are shifting to adult maize brands that are offering instant maize porridge. These products, however, are not suitable for baby’s developing tummies as they offer a courser maize meal and double the amount of sugar. High consumption of sugar is not good for babies as it can lead to obesity and dental caries, which raises the risk of developing diseases of lifestyle such as diabetes.

As such Purity with its baby care expertise credentials and as a market leader in Baby Hot Porridges identified an opportunity to address the convenience factor by launching an instant maize porridge range.

Purity understands that there may be some moms who think that “instant” may compromise on taste, that is why it was key that the product formulation delivers on taste as well as convenience and nutrition. Offered in two delicious flavours the launch variants are Vanilla and a Banana Caramel, these products can be purchased in all major retailers and is available in 500g packs. Preparation is quick and easy, suitable with both warm and cold milk, just mix Purity Instant Maize in a feeding bowl with breast or infant milk formula.

Purity Instant Maize is made to the highest standards using baby grade ingredients suitable for a baby’s tummy. This product is also free from gluten, preservatives, colours and artificial flavours.

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